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One of the biggest holidays of the year is coming, and you still have not decorated the place you live in. Are you going to celebrate Halloween? Do you wish to decorate your house? Good! Then we created this article for a reason. If you have a desire to find out about five extraordinary ideas to decorate your house for Halloween, then keep on reading!

  1. Paranormal Portraits

You cannot even imagine how creative this would look on your shelves! Basically what you need to achieve is the effect of burning eyes on the black-and-white pictures of yours. You would thus get a ghostly display of you and your family. What you have to do is print the pictures of your family in black-and-white (you can age the pictures as well by brushing them with the sponge and dripping water on them) and cut the eyes carefully. On the back of the pictures, you should attach the red LED Christmas lights and plug them in. Place the pictures in the frames and allow your guests to be scared by what they can see on the shelves of your house.

  1. Jars with Creepy Objects

This is one of those Halloween decorations that will look really creepy, but luckily for you, they are super easy to make. All you have to possess is as many jars as possible and different creepy toys. You should place the spider or the head of the doll or the bug or whatever toy you have into the jar, fill it with water, add some color (green and red would be perfect!), and put it in the most visible place in the house! To be more convincing, you can attach the tags with the names of the specimen in the jars – be creative and invent something really spooky! Hold on, are you telling us you will not have time even to make the jars, say nothing of the tags?

  1. Pumpkin Party Cooler

This is another one from the easy Halloween decorations. All you have to possess is the bottom part of the big pumpkin and a lot of ice. You need to clean up the pumpkin from the seeds and puree and place the ice together with the bottles inside. It would look stunning at your party, and everyone will take their chance to take another beer from the pumpkin cooler. To impress the guests even more, we advise you not to throw away the upper part of the pumpkin and use it to cover the bottles. Though it may not be very easy to take out the drinks, however, the whole thing will look impressive.

  1. Bloody Footprints

It is not really a decoration, but it will add some spookiness to the house. What you have to do is dip your feet into the red paint and step in the most visible places in the house and the yard. You can even make a way from the street to your house so that the guests understood where to go. Inside the house, you can use not only your feet but hands as well to leave the prints. Beware that if you are going to turn off the lights for the party, the footprints will not be visible. That is why we advise you to use the glow in the dark craft paint. It will look stunning if at night the guest sees the footprints glowing in the dark on the floor!

  1. Creepy Silhouettes on the Windows

Here, you will have to be patient and very careful because you will have to cut out different silhouettes and put them on the windows. The silhouettes can be the Ghostface, the Grim Reaper, the hangee, and the beheaded lady. When you put them on the windows, and it gets dark so that you have to turn on the lights there will be no passer-by that will not notice your creepy house. Such silhouettes look extremely creepy and amazing simultaneously. Beware that if you are having a party with no lights, you have to leave at least candles so that the silhouettes are visible outside.