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Granny flats
might seem small; however, it is proven to deliver serious dollars when it
comes to returns on your investment. But apart from the lucrative aspect, be
aware that contemporary granny flats have likewise become very attractive
because of its wide range of design options. Today, granny flat designs have
broken out of its traditional shell and towards the 21st century
high style.


Because of these multiple design
options, you would certainly want to get organized and have a very clear idea
of what you really want out of your granny flat. Experts have indeed shared
some of the factors that may greatly affect the feel as well as the appearance
of your flat.
5 Things To Consider When Selecting A Granny Flat Design
Budget– Similar to any kind of investment,
budget will play a huge factor. There is a need for you to determine how much
you can actually afford before considering to build a contemporary flat having
high-tech features. Experts highly emphasized that setting a budget will help
prevent you from spending a lot on builders who may charge a premium.
Purpose – It is very imperative for you to
know the purpose of the granny flat you want to construct. In case your
property is in close proximity with a university, you might want to customize
the space for students so you can rent it out whenever possible. Other purposes
of building such property will include having a recently widowed parent, making
way for a long-staying guest or a need to have a quiet and private place for
work. So if you want to build one for your ageing parent/s, there is a need for
you to install safety features like bath rails, access ramps, and non-slip
Size – Knowing how big or small the granny
fat is will help you in prioritizing the features it needs. Also, this will
allow you to come up with excellent solutions to the space such as maximizing
living areas and minimizing the hallways.
Privacy–In case you rent it out or perhaps
have someone stay over for quite a long time, it is very important for you to
give your occupants some sense of separation and privacy.
Regulations – There are rules applying to the
positioning and size of your granny flat. Be aware that regulations will vary
as per state and local councils. The good news though is that rules have
already been mended – granny flats are now allowed to be built on all residential
areas. However, you still have to check the current policies before choosing a
design and building it on your property.
About the author: Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate
“handyman”. His craft involves DIY concepts. But he also values the
importance of getting expert help whenever necessary. He likes to share
guidelines and tips about stuff on home improvement. He
writes and reads almost anything that can hone his skills and increase his
knowledge about home improvement and construction.