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Every homeowner has a unique taste when it comes to interior design. Having neutral walls doesn’t mean that your room should be boring. You can bring out your creative side to convert a plain white wall into something bold.

Your options in jazzing your plain white walls are endless. Choosing the right accents and decorations will make any plain white wall stunning. You can also dress up the white wall with photos or paint. Get the freshest ideas on inexpensive ways to spice up any white walls in your house today. It can be challenging, but after reading this post, you’ll find the task a lot easier.

  1. Layering Giant Letters

A pair of oversize letters, such as the initials of your given name and last name, makes a huge statement in a plain white wall. The wall will surely become an attractive spot! Here are some great tips when creating and layering giant letters:

  • Create DIY giant letters using scrap plywood or pallet wood.
  • You can slightly overlap the letters to create a stronger graphic statement instead of hanging them side by side.
  • Hang a family picture below the giant letters using a laser level for a perfect wall look.
  1. Using Window Curtains

Soften a plain white wall with texture using window curtains. You can spice up a white living room or bedroom wall with fabrics to add life to a seemingly sterile space, making it look more inviting. Check out these tips.

  • Create a natural feel using window curtains that are made of cotton, wool, or linen. For a smooth look, experiment with silk or velvet.
  • Layer the neutrals throughout your room with woven fabrics, like herringbone or chevron, in neutral autumn colors.
  • You can also use dark curtains with your white interior, providing contrast and creating a focal point for any room. Dark curtains (e.g., black, royal blue, and charcoal) stand out in a neutral room, creating a versatile and timeless black-and-white background.
  • Two-layered curtains help create a cozy feel during winter. The heavy drapes are perfect for insulation, too. When the seasons change, you can pull them back, revealing the light sheer curtains during summer.
  1. Adding Textures

White monochromatic rooms can feel monotonous. Break it up by implementing textures. Don’t allow your living room or bedroom to stay boring. Here are some tips for you:

  • Incorporate blankets or throw pillows with heavy, rough, or interesting textures for an eye-catching element.
  • For your child’s room, you can add texture by decorating the white walls with stuff toys, your kid’s art craft, or even 3D posters of favorite cartoon characters.
  1. Wainscot Paneling

If you have a knack for small construction projects, you can create an architectural interest on your plain white walls by wainscot paneling. You can use 4-inch- to 6-inch-wide pieces of MDF and form a grid pattern. Next, paint it with a rich, dark hue for a modern and sophisticated look. Wainscot paneling can be done in your bedroom, living room, and, if you’re feeling adventurous, bathroom.

  1. Hanging Decorative Stuff

You’re not limited to hanging picture frames or artworks on your plain white spaces. There are other decorative items you can use. Your fashion pieces and collectible items can make a neutral room stunning. Here are some tips:

  • Bring out your cool hats from your closet and show them off. Your fedoras, skimmers, cloches, and trilbies on hooks on a plain white wall can serve as a functional display.
  • Statement necklaces and colorful masks have a similar effect.
  • Bring dimension to your wall art. Hanging an artwork directly on a white wall is usually practiced, but you can also use decorative wall brackets to boost visual interest.
  • Hang a whole bunch of woven baskets in different colors and sizes in your dining room. You can paint plain baskets using craft paint if you don’t have colorful baskets. Before hanging the baskets, try to play with the possible arrangements on the floor first.
  • Paint wood-handled cooking tools in bright colors for a modern twist and hang them on the wall.


It’s possible to transform any white space into an art wall or decorative focal point. A wall decor doesn’t have to be expensive. Use available materials at home to create DIY projects you can install or hang on the wall. With creativity and resourcefulness, you don’t have to spend much to break the monotony of a neutral room. With these tips, decorating a white wall can be fun and exciting!