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Shipping containers are extensively used for a range of purposes that aren’t related to the shipping industry. The strength and durability of shipping containers make for excellent building material. They also eco-friendly, relocatable and can be quite cost-effective.

Homeowners and builders are constantly finding new creative ways to transform the standard shipping container. From home offices to swimming pools, shipping containers can be repurposed to serve a number of household uses.

Once you have building consent and the accurate shipping container dimensions, the possibilities of what you can create are endless. Here are five innovative household uses for shipping containers.

Shipping Container Swimming Pool 

Shipping container pools are a new and exciting trend amongst homeowners and builders. The structural rigidity of shipping containers makes them ideal for semi-portable swimming pools. It’s a whole lot cheaper to construct than traditional swimming pools and takes much less time to fit it into your outdoor deck or courtyard. The best part is, if you ever move house, all you have to do is drain the water, and you can take your shipping container swimming pool with you. Before beginning construction, you should first get consent from your local council and research any regulations about the construction of shipping container swimming pools.

Guest House 

Shipping containers make perfect guest houses. With some colourful paintwork, vibrant decor and innovative furniture pieces, you can make your shipping container guest house as stylish and comfortable as you like. Companies like New Zealand’s SEA Containers can create your dream guest house design from the ground up, reflecting your own personal style and touch. The addition of sliding doors and large windows is important when using shipping containers as a living space. Your guesthouse will feel much more spacious and bright with lots of natural light shining through.

Home Office 

It’s always great to have your own private office in the comfort of your home, but sometimes there aren’t enough rooms inside the house for this to be possible. Shipping containers can make fantastic little offices if built and designed properly. Once you have the basic necessities sorted like electricity, ventilation and insulation, you can decorate the container office to your heart’s desire. Shipping container offices are continuing to grow in popularity amongst homeowners.

Art Studio 

Shipping containers can be incredibly useful for artists who need an extra space to hold all their artwork and get work done. Building your own private studio in the convenience of your backyard is a great alternative to renting out an expensive art studio. Inside the shipping container, you can install storage shelving to hold various art supplies and equipment, and set aside a workspace for you to paint or draw. With photography, sketches, and paintings hung on the walls, shipping container art studios don’t need much decorating. White painted walls is enough for the artwork to stand out.

Mini Outdoor Gym 

If there isn’t enough space inside your house to hold your gym equipment, why not purchase a shipping container to create your own at home gym? A standard shipping container provides enough room to hold multiple pieces of gym equipment and can be a great space for private workouts in your backyard. The strength and durability of shipping containers also ensures that your gym equipment will be kept in good condition. However, it’s a good idea to add some security features on the container to make sure nothing gets stolen overnight.