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Wall art can be a defining factor in the overall aesthetic of a home, but it can also add value and vibrance to local businesses. A common place for inspirational, well-crafted art is seen in your local cafe’s and bars. Art bars are becoming an increasingly popular trend – hanging works from famous artists, as well as a work from local artists due to their quality and value.

Hanging art, whether big or small, or in your house or local business can completely change the dynamic of the space. Here are some of our favorite inspirational pieces seen in cafes and bars in America.

1. “Trunk” by Michael Whitlark – Location: FABO Art Bar – Charlotte, NC         

This is a lovely piece created by Michael Whitlark – he uses colors to set his work apart and currently resides in Charlotte, NC. This particular piece is hung in a local Art Bar and stands out by drawing customer attention to the broad brush strokes and assortments of beautiful color.

2.“Old King Cole” mural by Maxfield Parrish – Location: King Cole Bar – New York, NY

This particular piece was created in 1906, however, it went through a $100,000 restoration in 2014. This piece is the large centerpiece of the bar – it represents elegance and the bar has coordinated their theme around it. For a piece this large, the bar has to use special hanging techniques as nails do not provide the same level of reliability.

3. Mural by Ed Sorel – Location: Monkey Bar – New York, NY

Another beautiful piece located in New York is a mural created by Ed Sorel. The mural pays homage to some of the most inspirational Jazz Age figures that would visit the bar. Murals are a popular option for large, elegant spaces as they draw attention to a specific portion of an establishment. Murals are also a great way to creatively bring history to the table.

Murals are a bit different than standard hanging wall art. Some establishments have issues with hanging art, specifically, due to the material of their walls (for example, plaster). Although there are safe ways to hang wall art on plaster – murals offer an alternative choice for bars and cafes.

4. Unknown by Unknown – Location: R House, Miami, FL R House, Miami, FL

Another fantastic piece is located on the outside of a local Art Bar in Miami, Florida. Similar to the mural seen before, as well as “Trunk” by Michael Whitlark of Charlotte, NC – this piece incorporates vibrant uses of colors while depicting the local culture. We believe that inspiring art is not always found hanging inside of a home, but rather all around us.

5. Artist: Cindy Franco – Location: R House, Miami, FL

This piece is particularly inspirational as the artist, Cindy Franco, is an inspiration herself. As a single mother, Cindy believes that since the world doesn’t make sense – why should her art? She is inspired by Pablo Picasso and is becoming increasingly successful, and her art increasingly visible, in the Miami areas.

Art takes on many forms and it can be displayed in a wide array of venues that can help capture the essence the artist is trying to portray. Art Bars are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world, we recommend finding your local venue and seeing the art and beauty yourself.