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The garage is not just for cars anymore! For some, the garage is a big, unused space collecting dust in their house. The driveway is a perfectly fine place for the car, so what can be done with the garage if not using it for its original purposes? The options are almost limitless as far as garage remodels to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for an extra room in the house, an area for your kids, or a quiet place for yourself, remodeling your garage can be the answer to your problems. So open your garage doors, park the car in the driveway, and start brainstorming.
Photo by Gold Label Door

Having an office in your home is a great way to focus and
get some work done at home. The garage is usually a lot larger than the average
home office, so the options are not as limited when
remodeling your garage into an office. There is ample room for a desk,
shelving, couches, and a bookshelf. As an added tip, be sure to use an area rug
and some insulation to your garage-turned-office in order to keep from freezing
yourself out of your new work space. Consider ample lighting, wall paneling,
and some art for the walls to help your work space feel more inviting and less
like a dark garage.

Photo by Arbre Evolution
For some garages, the ceilings are as high as the roof of
the home. This can be wasted space in a normal garage setting, so consider
remodeling the empty vertical space into a loft. This is a great way to add
another room to your home and your teenager is guaranteed to love the solitude.
This leaves an entire area in the home open for further remodel or to be
repurposed for even more space. This also leaves the main level of the garage
open to keep as a normal garage if you’d like. If not, the rest of the garage
can be a room in addition to the loft offering plenty of space for a walk in
closet, shelving, couches, and other welcoming furniture choices.
Man Cave
The garage leaves ample opportunity for a killer man cave.
You can add a bar, a projector instead of a television, and still have enough
room for a pool table. Paint the concrete to look like a football field instead
of adding expensive flooring for a unique man cave look and flooring that’s
great for easy cleanup when spilling beer or cheese dip during the Super Bowl. Add
football helmets, sports posters, and sporting equipment to the walls to create
your man cave look. Just be aware of how acoustic garages tend to be during
those loud games.
Photo by Elliot Cable
A home gym is the dream for many workout enthusiasts.
Imagine not having to commute, pay a monthly fee, share a shower, or wait to
use a machine ever again. With so much room in your garage you have room to add
weight machines, cardio equipment and leave an open area for stretching and
yoga. It won’t be a difficult remodel to add mirrors to one of your four walls
and add a few mats. Even the original concrete won’t be a bad aspect to a home
gym. You can even leave the garage doors and open them when your workout is getting
too warm.
Kids Area
Kids take up a lot of space in the home. Toys hide in every
corner, their rooms are cluttered, and art supplies are spilling out of
drawers. A great remodeling idea is to use your garage as a space for your kids
and all of their toys and activities. It would be a good idea to put down tile
floors, add shelving, and insert a few windows if your garage doesn’t have enough
natural light. The additions to your kid’s play room will vary depending on
their age and interests, but there is plenty of room for gaming systems, a
small ball pit, a craft area, a small trampoline, or a ping pong table.
Consider adding a sitting area for you as well. Chances are you’ll be spending
time in here supervising and playing with the kiddos. Maybe a comfortable chair
and a reading lamp are in order.