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The bathroom is
often the most favorite place in the house for many people. However, it’s
usually the smallest room which leads to some
difficulties. Here are a few proven tips to make a small bathroom look bigger.

Plan the

In order to use
the bathroom area cleverly, it’s necessary to plan everything beforehand.
Thanks to the new technologies in the installation, you can place all the
plumbing and furniture not in the standard locations but where it’s most
convenient for you. This will help to effectively save a few inches here and
there – and oftentimes that’s all you need in a small space. A corner bath and
a corner wash basin look good and free up space. If there’s a niche, consider
installing a bath there.
To visually
enlarge the bathroom, pick the sanitary appliances in accordance with the size
of the room. Perhaps it makes sense to replace a cumbersome bathroom with a
shower cabin which takes far less space.
objects such as a water heater visually eat up space so try to hide them in
cupboards and niches.
Check out what
consumes the most of the bathroom space. Perhaps it’s a washing machine or a
large laundry basket. Consider moving them into the other rooms. For example, a
washing machine can be placed in the kitchen and the laundry basket – in a

Take care
of the lighting

The fact that a
small bathroom done in bright colors appears more spacious is well known to
anyone who is interested in interior design. Generous lighting is also able to
visually enlarge the bathroom so the more light, the better.
Arrange good
lighting above the mirror, too. It is also important whether the light is warm
or cold – the first is preferable as it imitates the sunlight. By the way,
yellowish light creates a much nicer reflection in the mirror than pure white
or bluish light.
Actively use the
reflective surfaces like mirrors, mirrored cabinets or glass tiles which reflect the light
and visually increase the size of your bathroom. The use of glass shelves in
the bathroom, although it does not provide the advantage of reflecting the
light, interferes with the light and makes the bathroom more spacious.

the right coloring

For a small
bathroom, it is recommended to use bright-colored materials for the walls,
floor and ceiling (in a set of similar shades).
Painting a small
strip of the ceiling along the edges in the color of the walls visually
increases the height of the bathroom. Through the use of moldings or strips of
decorative wallpaper, you can achieve the same effect – visually increase the
height of the room.
To visually
enlarge the overall space of the bathroom, try to use the same color in
different saturation combined with simple airy drawings. Avoid careless use of
multi-color decoration as it clutters the space.
Bright color
accents, such as bright towels and decorative items with interesting textures,
should be used in small amounts. It’s also better to have them in the far
corners of the bathroom so your glance moves freely across the entire room to
those bright details.

Get rid
of unnecessary stuff

A perfect order
creates more space. A lot of small things, placed here and there, clutter the
room and reduce valuable space. Keep only the most necessary care items on the
open shelves and put the rest into the lockers to free up room.
expressive accessories like big towels visually compound the room. Therefore,
such items should be placed in the farthest corner of the bathroom. In fact,
the fewer objects are there in the room, the larger it appears.

ornament and fine patterns

If you want to
visually enlarge your bathroom, consider putting glass tiles in the form of
horizontal stripes on the walls (vertical stripes make the room visually
higher). The stripe should not be too wide, the maximum width is usually the
width of one tile. Also, do not use large tiles. On the contrary, the smaller
the tiles, the better. Using the bathroom tiles of different shades
visually increases the size of the space. Additionally, a small bathroom does
not need large patterns and using materials with expressive texture reduces the
space so go for something more delicate.
The colors of the
ornaments are important too. A combination of contrasting colors cannot be used
in a small room as they visually reduce the space.

Large floor tiles
also visually increase the space. The larger the tile, the stronger the effect.
White tile maximizes the space. If you are not a fan of a white color, pale
blue and pastel pink shades might be a great alternative.