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Creating an inviting atmosphere not only attracts visitors,
but makes your house more enjoyable for your family. If not sure where to
start, use these five proven tips to make a home feel more new and inviting.

House Feel More New And Inviting
Add Curb Appeal
Keep the yard clean, have some healthy plants by the front
door, and do not underestimate the power of a welcome mat. It does signal
friendliness, plus it reminds visitors to wipe their feet before entering your
Paint and Lighting
Implement design tricks that will capture visitors’
attention. The goal is to pull people into your home and to create a feeling
upon entering that will make them want to stay. Paint the far wall across the
front entrance in a striking accent color. Add fun art in the line of sight,
and make sure that this view is well-lit. Reveal light bulbs make a good option
for space transformation.
Art and Furnishings
No matter the size of the budget or living space, every home
should have a distinct piece of art, a beautiful mirror, and an antique piece
of furniture. Art doesn’t need to cost a lot, nor does it matter where you get
it. A thrift store find can say just as much as a gallery piece, as long as you
feel drawn to it. Choose one bold piece to make a statement. The same goes for
the mirror and your antique piece. If you have a family heirloom, it can take
the place of the antique. All these items denote taste and speak of your
personality, allowing visitors to connect with you and to serve as conversation
In regards to books, some people might consider them a waste
of space in the electronic age, but they never fail to make a statement. Even
if you don’t read, you can put together a small collection of books with
appealing designs that complement a given space.
Make sure that guests can get around furniture without
effort. Keep seating arrangements easily accessible from the front entrance.
Remember that kitchens function as social gathering places as well, so a clear
path from the kitchen to the living areas invites mingling.
When redesigning your home to make it more new and inviting,
don’t be afraid of a second opinion. Ask a friend with an appealing home and an
active social life for some feedback about changes you’ve made or plan to
implement. You can also get the help of experts like those at Stephanie Kratz Interiors.
Professionals can help make sure that your home flows well from one room to the
next, allowing you to add your personal touch.