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Offices, as much as they workstations, are also personal areas. They can reflect your personality and your comforts, not just the way you work. If your desk looks just like everyone else’s, uniform and plain, it can affect your mood while working. The aesthetics of a person’s surroundings is a big element that influences their attitude, so it is important to be mindful of what your desk looks like.

It’s not all just about looks, but also about being comfy. Where you put your arms, where you sit and how you rest your back can all make a difference. Take note of these ideas so you can improve your desk and bring it to a whole new level. You’ll enjoy your space a lot more and you’ll be smiling at work more often.

1. Mini Plant: Breathe life into your office by putting life into it. Literally. Bonsai plants are very tasteful and some species require little care and light. But if you are looking for a truly easy plant to take care of, a small succulent is the go-to. It barely needs water or care and can simply be left to sit on your desk and look amazing. Just make sure to place it on a spot that your hands don’t wander to often, as you can accidentally prick yourself.

2. Ergonomic Office Chair: Your back is a lot more fragile than you think, and having the wrong posture eight hours a day can take a big toll. You’ll be having plenty of regrets when painful back problems begin a few years down the road. Make sure to invest in an ergonomic office computer chair that supports your back posture and is ideal for your torso height.

3. Digital Picture Frame: While it is very typical for someone to have a picture of their loved one or holiday trips on their desk, it will save you plenty of space to use a digital one instead. Not only will you have to use just one frame but you can frequently change and update the pictures being shown.

4. Motivational Messages: Whether this is a day-to-day peel-off calendar, a pack of inspirational messages or even just a set of hilarious pictures, they can brighten your mood even in the dullest days. Make sure to get a bank of funny or inspiring messages that you can see and change everyday. Staring at the same inspirational quote for too long can eventually deteriorate its ability to inspire.

5. Coin Bank: Though you’re far from the child you once were who saved (or did not save) coins in a piggy bank, you can always treat yourself on hump days and Fridays using the coins from a change jar of your choice. Everyday, make a point to drop any coins from your wallet, pocket or bag into the bank and collect it after a few days and buy yourself a small meal or an indulgent snack.

Besides just your desk, having a great overall office design can also be important for you and everyone else in your company. But if that doesn’t happen, you always have your own space that you can personalise- and it’s just for you.