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A fireplace is an important part of your home. If you live in a part ofthat the world that experiences freezing winters, you know how necessary it is to have a fireplace that will keep your bedroom warm. It makes your home a haven from the cold outside. But it’s not only heating that a fireplace does for you. There are other benefits you get from having it in your house as we will see later.

There are different types of fireplaces you can install in your house. The most preferred are electric fireplaces and for many reasons. Unlike fuel powered fireplaces, they do not emit harmful gases or smoke, making them very safe health wise. The best electric fireplaces are easy to install, maintain and they use much less power than you may think. They’re movable, and you can take them to any part of the house you want. Electric fireplaces will not need a lot of work to operate either; only a switch for on and off.

Here are five reasons why you should install a fireplace in your home.

It gives your home a comfortable ambiance

Nothing is more relaxing like a living room with a fireplace providing heat to the entire room. More so if you’re enjoying a passive activity like watching the telly or reading your newspaper or your favourite book. It becomes even more enjoyable. The warmth that radiates from the fireplace gives a soothing experience so deep it can even send you to sleep. If yours is an electric fireplace, you can easily move it to any room you want including the bedroom because they’re portable. They only need plugging to a power outlet, and you get instant warmth. And if you’re obsessed with the traditional fire, you need not worry because electric fireplaces are made to look exactly like it

It drives away cold from your home

A freezing home is almost uninhabitable. Not to mention that it can be a health risk, especially if you’re prone to respiratory ailments. A fireplace keeps the home warm throughout the time you’re in and prevents illnesses that are brought by living in cold, damp situations. But so you don’t drive away illnesses resulting from cold only to get them from the smoke that may come out of a fireplace furnace, go for electric fireplaces that emit neither gases nor smoke.

It lowers the cost of heating your home

A fireplace only heats the particular room where it’s installed, mostly the living room or the bedroom. Unlike a situation where the heating system runs all throughout the house, having a fireplace means heat is only generated where it’s needed. In the long run, the overall cost goes down when you use a fireplace compared to other forms of heating, for example where heating elements run along walls.

It raises the marketability and resale value of your house

Results of various studies show that most homebuyers prefer homes that have fireplaces. This is according to the questions the buyers ask before making a purchase. So your house will sell faster if it has a fireplace than when it doesn’t. Customers seem to be comfortable paying a higher price for it too. Which makes investing in a fireplace worthwhile in case you would want to sell your home in the future. It’s an investment that will never go to waste.

A home with a fireplace looks stylish and comfortable

A fireplace makes your home to look classy. While the furnace itself appears beautifully traditional, you can decorate the outside with modern materials like bricks for a touch of tradition mixed with modernity. For love for the antique, electric fireplaces are even made to mimic traditional log fire complete with logs and flame. It makes your house even more elegant. There’s evidently added beauty to a home with a fireplace in comparison to one without.

A fireplace gives your home more than warmth. It makes it make it look cozy and both modern and beautifully antique depending on the type of fireplace you choose to install. It raises your home’s value that shields you from cost depreciation. Whichever way you choose to look at it, having a fireplace is almost essential for a cozy home that you will always want to come to, you and your guests.