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Candles are used for many purposes. Besides cultural occasions, fragrant candles are also used for the aesthetics of your interiors. Candles are also used to pay homage to the souls of your loved ones and celebrities, who have departed from this world. It is also used during aromatherapy sessions in massage parlors and creating similar effects in bathrooms.

Candles are also lighted to celebrate festivals in some parts of the world. People also use candles to create nice ambience and favorable environment while doing meditation or yoga. It is also used to treat illnesses, especially the psychiatric illnesses such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and stress disorders.

However the traditional uplift candles with flames are considered to be extremely dangerous for homes. Traditional candles always run the risk of catching fire besides leading to discomfort and heat due to smoke. Wax candles may cause mess and can also be dangerous for children. Traditional candles bring more anxiety rather than real comfort and soothing. Here are some of the benefits soothing flameless LED candles offer.

  1. Less risk of Fire
    The biggest risk traditional candles face is the risk of fire. The candle may simply fall and spread fire in the adjoining areas. So you can always upgrade to LED candles and prevent risk. The risk of fire is present in both types of candles with flames — battery operated and rechargeable, apart from traditional wax candles. With such candles you constantly worry about leaving candles burning in a room, when you leave the place or extinguishing the flame when you go to bed.Sometimes candles may also cause fire in the drapes and paper or plastic covers used in cupboards. But flameless uplift candles will provide you the same coziness and warmth inside your living room without the risk of Fire.
  2. Safety
    These candles are designed in such a way that they will not get too hot and will not accidentally burn anyone if someone happens to touch it. So these are safe for your children, senior citizens and pets.
  3. Cleanliness
    The flameless candles do not create the mess traditional candles do with their hot wax dripping all over the place. This is true for both battery operated and rechargeable candles. Furthermore flameless candles are easy to clean as well. Normal candles appear relaxing but the mess created by these candles can be the source of headache for you.
  4. Cost effective
    Traditional candles are pretty expensive and are non reusable. Even the container in which you keep the candle is left non-reusable because hard wax gets stuck at its bottom. So you are paying both for the container and the candle and none can be reused. But a flameless LED candle requires no maintenance and is extremely cheap to use. You can use these candles as much as you want and there is no restriction of number of hours. You can use it 24 by 7 for the entire week continuously.
  5. Healthy
    No chemical or dyes are involved in the manufacturing of flameless candles. Furthermore, they do not produce any smoke so they are quite hygienic and healthy.