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Some commercial movers say, whether your upcoming move is big or small, across the country or across town, decluttering before you pack a single box is always a good idea. Getting rid of all those things you really don’t need will save you time, money, and energy; and it will give you great satisfaction knowing you’re moving only what you truly want to take with you. Here are the top 5 reasons to declutter before you make your move.

1. It’s A Money Saver

Getting rid of all those extra holiday decorations, the small appliances you haven’t used in years, and the extra clothes you’ll never wear will significantly reduce the number of boxes to be loaded onto the moving truck. You may even require a smaller truck than you thought after you’ve cleaned out the house, saving you money in packing supplies, labor, and transportation costs.

2. Cuts Out Waste

There’s no sense wasting time, money, and material on things you really don’t need. Go through your house right now, and you’ll notice the tremendous amount of items that you forgot you even own. Think about how much space those things take up, and how much waste you’ll produce packing those things up just to find a spot in your new home they’ll end up occupying.

3. Keep Things Simple

Moving can be one of the most stressful life experiences, especially if it entails crossing state lines. You’re potentially leaving your friends, family, job, all behind for new, unknown territory. Taking only what you truly want and need with you can help keep the move simple and in the right perspective. Having too much to move can intensify those feelings of being overwhelmed by the whole process. Packing and unpacking will be that much simpler if you remove the stress of finding a home for all the things you need as well as the things you don’t really need.

4. Helping Others By Helping Yourself

Decluttering means you’re making the move easier on yourself while giving to others. Whether you decide to gift your unneeded items to friends and family who could use them, or you donate them to charitable organizations, you’re helping other people out and helping yourself out too. Clothes you have no need for will find a good home with a charitable organization. Appliances and tools that you just don’t use can be used by the friend down the road, or a young couple in the family just starting out on their own. Also, easier on the moving company if you decide to use one.

5. It’s A Money Maker

You may have a hard time letting go of those big-ticket items even though you just don’t have a need for them. Sometimes, it’s easier to sell those things so that you can at least retain some of their value in cash form. For instance, your new backyard may not be big enough for that deluxe grill/smoker combo you just bought six months ago. Sell it, make some dough, and use the money to buy a compact version that fits well with your new digs.