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“Renovation” can be a
scary term to many homeowners. There are worries about unforeseen costs, making
a mistake if you’re doing the renovating yourself, hiring incompetent
professionals to renovate for you or spending a lot of time and money on a
renovation that you end up hating. However, home renovations can mean different
things to each homeowner. Not every renovation involves big commitments or a
lot of money. Many home renovations can be small changes to upgrade your home
to be safer, more efficient or more aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re
considering a big renovation or a small one, here are a few reasons why you
should consider a renovation regardless.


The most visually rewarding part about renovation is improving the aesthetics of your home. Changing decor, adding a skylight, replacing old kitchen appliances, fixing broken bathroom fixtures will add new life to any room and your home as a whole. With home renovations that focus on the visual impact of your house, don’t underestimate the power of paint. Paint is a relatively affordable renovation tool that dramatically impacts how fresh and inviting your home feels.

2. SafetyHome renovations with a focus on safety are extremely important for any homeowner. Adding a pool barrier for your outdoor pool is a great safety renovation considering that drowning is the number one cause of accidental death inchildren ages 1-4. Adding a gate at the top of a staircase or replacing uneven or loose flooring will combat injuries from falls.3. Energy Efficiency
The ever growing need to be energy efficient has prompted many green renovations. Even something as simple as replacing your old blinds with energy efficient blinds can help freshen up a room as well as saving you money on heating and cooling costs. Other easy renovations for energy efficiency are low-flow shower heads, using fluorescent lightbulbs or adding ceiling fans.

4. Resale Potential
If there was an umbrella reason to renovate your home over all the other reasons, it would be your resale potential. Every dollar you spend to make your home safer, more efficient, aesthetically pleasing or practical will raise the value of your home. The more you do, the less the next owner will have to do.

5. Practicality
Practical fixes to your home will make your living space more usable and inviting. Adding shelving, taking out a barrier wall, replacing windows or lighting upgrades are some practical renovations that will add functionality to your home. Consider renovating dead space to add usability such as adding some shelving in the dead area under a staircase, adding baseboard drawers for storage or making the vertical dead space above a split-entry staircase into an office area.

So whether you’re
overwhelmed with the idea of renovating your home or not, consider these
reasons to look at renovation from the small scale to the big scale. Even small
fixes around your home will be beneficial in the long run and might be the push
you need to get more comfortable with larger renovations in the future.