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When it comes to protecting our metal items, lacquer provides a great finish that is second to none. It may cost a little more and hand rubbing your lacquer may also be time consuming, but it is a better way to do it. There are a number of advantages to applying lacquer and applying it by hand and we will look at some of the many benefits to help you to decide if it is a worthwhile thing to do.

  1. It Makes Things Beautiful – When you hand rub your lacquer finish, it provides a very unique and interesting look to your metal and so adds additional beauty to something that looked good before but now will look amazing. It will take you longer to do and so will be more expensive, but the extra effort put into it will definitely be rewarding. Lacquer colouring will add that special finish to metal and there are many colours to choose from and because it is hand rubbed, then also many different patterns may appear. It is the perfect look for old stately homes but also blends into even the most modern rooms.
  2. It Is Durable – Lacquer that is hand rubbed is incredibly hard wearing and so durable, and should provide great protection that even water cannot penetrate it. The coloured lacquer is a gloss finish which makes it incredibly difficult for water to penetrate it and the only things that can really damage a lacquered finish are chips and scratches. Scratches can be easily polished out, but chips may need a little more work.
  3. Easy To Clean – A lacquer finish on metal means that it is really easy to clean and keep clean. A quick wipe of a damp cloth and it is back to looking like it did when it was first completed. If there are any additional scratches then these can be easily buffed off and the metal can get its shine back. If you have a scratch that won’t budge, you can always hire a polishing machine to do the job for you.
  4. Repairs Are Possible – Because a lacquer finish has been applied, it makes it very possible to repair your metal items even if they become chipped. In these cases it is probably better to leave your items with a professional as repairs to a lacquered finish can be quite difficult to undertake and it is best to talk to a professional before you even think of trying to do it yourself.
  5. Waterproofing – A lacquered finish on any item will provide you with something that is completely waterproof. This stops the formation of rust on your metal and this stops additional corrosion that you may not have otherwise been able to stop. The wonderful thing about lacquering is that it is there to protect your items but also to make them look better almost immediately.

We all want our things to look good all of the time, but with minimum work regarding cleaning and maintaining. Lacquering is a fantastic way to give protection to your most loved items and also to make them look better than they ever have. Look into lacquer colouring today and see how it can improve things.