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Feeling cramped there by any chance? Have you simply got too much stuff for your space? Is it like the storeroom of a small store in there, or worse is it the storeroom of a large store?

People have stuff. It is the way we live. Our friends bring us things and it would be churlish to say “no thanks I don’t need any more stuff in my house”. So, you nod and smile and it gets added to the pile of pre-arranged accidents. You know the one that happens accidentally on purpose.

Hold on a moment – it may or may not be time to find a storage units Lewisville facility. Let’s check and see if you really do have a crowded house.

Do you have to unpack when you come home from a trip?

This is a big clue. If you don’t need to unpack your suitcase when you get back from a trip, there’s a problem. This isn’t only because you went to the Caribbean and it’s January. You just don’t need the stuff that’s in the case.

Are you constantly misplacing things?

Here we mean the ordinary things like car and house keys or the phone recharger. The situation gets worse if you keep having to buy more things to replace the stuff you lost. The cosmos is giving you a clear sign that it is time to declutter. Some of it may be valuable so it might not be donate time. But it is time to declutter.

Do you buy things to organize the clutter?

If you go out and spend a small fortune on rolly-wheeled thingies to put under the bed to get rid of the stuff that’s in a jumble, or you’re pricing stand-alone storage sheds for the backyard because there’s no room left in the garage, it’s another good clue. How about losing some of the stuff and not buying more to make it neat?

Too much stuff doesn’t mean a mess

This might upset some people, but just breathe. You can be all neat and tidy and still have too much stuff. Those useless items might be stacked nicely in the very high cupboard so you need to get a step-stool to get them, so you don’t, actually, get them, ever. They could go to the storage locker.

Clutter draws

If you have more than one clutter zone and you don’t know what is in any of them the cosmos is giving you a sign. One man-drawer is ok. Multiple man drawers is a no-no.

You don’t know what a man drawer is? It’s the drawer where you put all of the things you have no idea where else to put them.

You can be liberated from this

It is actually really liberating to not have too much stuff. When you get stuff shipped out you feel really good. Be brave, when you’re through this you will be a stronger person and you’ll know where your keys are.