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Paradise — this is how the healthiest
and most gorgeous lawns in Lebanon, OH may be described. What homeowner would
not want to have his or her very own paradise?
 The desire might be in you, but when it
comes to the execution, you might fall short. This may be because you lack the
energy or the time to maintain your lawn. You may not even, like many others,
have sufficient knowledge about taking care of your lawn.

 But don’t worry. Help is on the way
with these five steps to better lawn care. Lebanon, OH residents looking to
create their own little front yard paradise may want to take notes.
 1. Start with the condition or health of your soil.
All gorgeous lawns begin with good
soil. This means looking into the acidity level of your soil, or its pH level.
When your soil has the right pH level for the type of grass that you have, then
you can expect your lawn to thrive.
 You can improve the pH level of your
soil by adding lime to raise it, or iron, to lower it. To determine whether or
not you have the right pH level, get a sample of soil from your yard and have
it tested.
2. Keep your grass as healthy as possible.

Healthy turf is not just about seeing
vibrant green all over your lawn. With healthy grass, you also keep the weed
out. All types of grass need nutrients, which give them the best defense
against all kinds of harsh elements.
 Nutrients will come from fertilizers.
They have to be the right mix, and they have to be applied at the right time.
There are lawn care companies in Lebanon, OH that provide fertilization
programs. If you have but one service to get for your lawn, fertilization may
just be that very service.
 3. Make use of all those fallen leaves.
When a quarter of your turf is covered
by leaves, mulch it with your mower. Mulching can return nutrients back to the
soil, feeding your turf better. Although if more than 80 percent of your grass
is covered with leaves, you’ll want to sweep them off because too much mulch
will not degrade well and end up killing your grass.
 4. Treat shaded grass differently than areas that are not shaded.
Shaded grass will have different needs,
from fertilizer to water. So make sure you remember that detail.
 5. Get professionals to do the heavy work.
Finally, who says you have to create
your front yard paradise on your own? Hire the right lawn care company. And you
will transform your lawn into one dreamy green space.
the author:
Lawrence is a passionate “handyman”. His craft involves DIY concepts.
But he also values that importance of getting expert help whenever necessary.
He likes to share guidelines and tips about stuff on home improvement. He
visits sites like http://www.degreelawn.com. He writes and reads almost anything that can
hone his skills and increase his knowledge about home improvement and