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The vacuum cleaner is famous because of the fantastic floor cleaning techniques, but there are very few people who get the most out of this amazing technology. Most people use it for cleaning the carpets, dusting out their decoration pieces and cleaning the crumbs out of their car seats. There are so many things that you can have benefit from, but these ideas just don’t cross your mind until someone mentions them.

Some of these ideas are given below which will blow your mind.

Finding the lost items

A vacuum cleaner works like a charm when it comes to finding small items. Usually, when we drop tiny objects, they get mixed with the surrounding things, and to us, they are gone forever. We would go and buy a new earing rather than going to bed to find it. In such cases, vacuum cleaner helps. Tie a little sock on the vacuum hose and then start the vacuum cleaner. This way it the earring is present on the floor, it will be stuck on the sock, and you can use it.  

Reshaping the carpets

Vacuum cleaners not only clean the carpets, but they are also really good at reshaping them. Usually, carpets are bent we are moving. If they are not opened immediately, some dents can become permanent. This problem can be solved by using vacuum cleaner and ice. Place some ice over the dent and let it settle there for a while. When the ice is melted, use a vacuum cleaner to dry the carpet.  All the dents will be removed, and you will be left with new looking carpet.

Removing bugs

Summertime is here and so are bugs. Let’s be honest here, there are very few people who are not terrified of bugs, and most probably you are not one of them if you are not scared of them, then you must be scared that they will invade your food or else your house. Whether it is a flying bug or the crawling one, you need to get rid of it immediately. A vacuum cleaner can help you with this problem too. Just turn the vacuum cleaner on and move the vacuum hose over the insect.

Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen cleaning is one of the most difficult tasks. No matter how hard you try, some stains won’t just leave. While you are making food, food crumbs spread all over the space. They are so small that you cannot even get them without cleaning the whole floor. Instead of going all the way to have a clean counter, move the portable vacuum cleaner over the counter, and you will be done with the crumbs in no time. Use cordless vacuum cleaners for cleaning out such things. Some of the cheap vacuum cleaners are available in the market to help you out with the basic chores.

Cleaning other electronics

Every machine is developed with such complicated and congested technique that it is harder to deep clean it. Take the example of the keyboard. We all love to watch movies while we are eating something. The problem is that food crumbs get stuck in between the buttons and it gives the ugly look of the whole laptop. You can use vacuum cleaner of cleaning out keyboards.