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Tankless water heaters are becoming more popular with homeowners due to the significant benefits they offer, whether it be lower energy consumption, less space requirements and so on. And if you are thinking of buying a tankless heater, but don’t know how to choose a good one, then read reviews on tankless water heaters . Here, we look at the five things you need to consider before buying a tankless water heater.

Gas Vs Electric

You will have two types to choose from – gas and electric. With the gas based tankless heaters, you can choose to use either propane or kerosene as the fuel. The advantage of gas based systems is that they are faster and much more efficient at heating water than the electric ones. They are also a very popular choice for whole-house water heating needs. Electric tankless water heaters are cheaper than the gas types. While an electric whole-house model might cost about $1000 to install, a gas model will cost you about $3000. However, if the electrical system in your home is outdated, it may have to be upgraded before the electric heater can be installed. And this will incur additional cost.

Heating Capacity

You must also look at the heating capacity of the tankless water system, and determine how many gallons of water they can heat up every minute. This will enable you to know whether the system will be able to deliver warm water when multiple taps and showers are opened in the home. Make sure to talk about this with the seller, mentioning your peak warm water requirement.


Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Only consider buying tankless systems which offer at least 5 years warranty for components like the heat exchanger. Some companies might offer up to 12 years on the components. You also need to check if the manufacturer provides onsite support in case of any repair requirements or not.

Energy Efficiency

Look for the Energy Factor (EF) rating of the model to determine how energy efficient it is. An EF measures how well a heater converts the supplied energy, whether it be gas or electric, into hot water. EF is normally indicated in values of 1.0 and below, where 1.0 means that the equipment is converting 100% of the energy into hot water. As far as possible, select a heater with an EF of 0.90 or above.


Another factor you have to consider is the maintenance requirements of the tankless heaters. Generally, they are expected to last for about 20 years, requiring no major repair or maintenance during the time period. But it is better if you choose a modular tankless water heater. As such, if there is an issue with a specific component, you can just remove it and replace it, rather than having to replace the entire tankless system itself.

If a tankless water heater scores well on all the above criteria, then you should definitely consider buying it over the other models. Plus, you can also visit the website of Helpful Habibtat to research the ideal tankless unit for your home.