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In order to source the best building company in the area, it is important to set up a thorough research and selection process. Finding a reliable building company is vital and it is one of the most important decisions any home owner will ever make. A great way to search for locally based builders is by looking online and reading reviews written by past customers and it is vital to always check out a portfolio of the company’s previous work, which can often be found on their website.

Also, make contact with the company to judge them on everything from their professionalism to their willingness to offer advice and reliable master builders in Perth, London, Auckland or elsewhere in the world will always be personable, so make contact with them to see how compatible they are.

Let’s look at five things that should always be done when looking for a luxury home builder:

1. Look into their Experience
Experience counts for a lot and a good building company will only be qualified to do a good job if they have experience in the sector.

Ask the following questions:

➢ How long have they been established?

➢ What previous work examples can they show you?

➢ Are their employees trained and qualified?

➢ Are past customers satisfied with their services?

2. Check out their Insurance 

If required, always make sure that the building company has the relevant licences and insurance coverage, as any good building company will always know what they need in order to work legally and safely. 

3. What Warranties Do They Offer?
Again, any reputable building company will offer good warranties for their work, as this shows that they are confident that they are using good quality materials and workmanship. For master builders in Perth, see Pottier Homes and this is an example of the type of building company that should be used as they have everything from a solid reputation to the necessary insurance and long warranties. 

4. Check Out Past Resale Values
Look at properties that they have already built and look to see what they sold for, as this will be a good indication as to whether their workmanship will add value to a property.

5. Tour Model Homes
Most good building companies will have a model show room or past customers’ homes that they can show you around and this is arguably the most important step to take when searching for a builder.

Check out the following during a tour:

● The quality of workmanship

● The materials used

● Ask questions as you go around to judge their professionalism

It is easy to find out about all of the above and more when you take a tour around a show home, as this offers a great opportunity to get one on one with the builders to ask everything, from asking for references from previous customers to finding out if they are members of local building associations.