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How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen? I bet it’ll cost more than you had calculated. Even after buying Discount Kitchen Cabinets and doing the remodeling work by yourself, the costs will never remain in your control. After working with dozens of homeowners and talking to endless number of designers, I am totally convinced that the cost of remodeling a kitchen exceeds the initial assumptions.

But there were people who made it happen within their budget, or even saved a few bucks in the end. Honestly, there is a kitchen remodeling available for every budget and there are chances of saving some bucks at every step.

Only if you have won a lottery and bought a $41,000 Meneghini Arrendamenti refrigerator, it’s completely ok to remodel your kitchen to go with it. But for the rest of us, there is handful of ways of making an affordable kitchen remodel for as little as $10,000. As of my experience, an average kitchen remodeling costs $15,000 without compromising with your choices and it is very much possible to get it done for below $10,000 if you follow a few steps. 5 of those are listed below:

1. Find a strong reason for remodeling:

There could be many reasons behind remodeling your kitchen but you should not proceed unless you have a really good one. Just because a neighbor of yours has done so, no need to replicate him. Also, if you live in a rented house and want to spare it in a couple of years, it’s useless to spend your money on remodeling.

There are some good reasons for kitchen remodeling. Getting a remodeling done could be a good decision if you own the house. If you want to live in the home, remodeling increases the ambience. If you want to sell it in next five years, remodeling may increase the resale value of your home.

2. Buy best quality furniture:

You may save a good amount of money by buying low-priced products but this strategy will cost you more in long run. Since kitchen cabinets, countertops and other furniture last many years, it’s always better to make an investment for the lifetime. Spending more for purchase will save you from spending more for maintenance.

3. Buy from a wholesaler:

There are thousands of kitchen cabinet wholesalers out there making it easy for you to find the best products at affordable prices. As an alternative, you may consider buying from the manufacturers directly. This will save you even more on cabinetry. However, remember to check the reputation and authenticity of the seller before buying wholesale kitchen cabinets.

4. Hire a professional designer:

The designer will charge you around 10% of your total remodeling cost. Thus, it’s good to DIY to save this money. However, hiring a designer is a better choice. You may not have the appropriate tools or experience to do the work with perfection which may result in poor quality finishing or loss of material. Hiring a professional designer will save you from such expenses.

5. Be prepared for unexpected expenses:

You can never be certain about the exact costs, thus having your hands open for sudden expenses. In fact, you may need to spend some money after remodeling is over. You may not see the leak behind your sink until your kitchen turns out. Keep some extra fund in hands for such circumstances.

Following these tips, you’ll be able to save as much as 30 percent on your kitchen remodeling cost. Have more ideas? Feel free to share in comment box below.d