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This guest post is from Steph Clarke who is part of the content & community outreach team at LandofRugs.com. Steph is obsessed with interior design trends and how new technology influences design.

Adding a rug is a great way to transform a boring room in your home into a vibrant and exciting place. Decorating the inside of your rooms with rugs is a bright idea which can be used to complete a room since rugs tie all the different pieces in the room together and unite them visually. There are lots of reasons why decorating with rugs is a good home improvement idea. This article intends to explore five great tips used by interior designers that will give the inside of your home a special upgrade this season.

  1. Defining the structure of an area

Rugs are used to separate or define areas in the home such as seating location, dining area, and lobbies. They are also convenient to partition an open plan space, defining the different roles of each area. This is especially important in large rooms and studio apartments that require definition.

  1. Anchor a room design theme

A good designer uses rugs to add versatility to the inside of the home, either by complementing a current color pattern or by accenting a color pattern. The secret is to be creative with schemes by contrasting fabric and patterned wallpapers with a plain block color rug, or vice versa. Rugs used can be rectangular, square, round or oval, depending on the shape that allows more flexibility in the furniture arrangement.

  1. Create a focal point

The use of rugs to create a focal feature on a wall is a famous interior design tip passed from old days. Here tapestries and traditional rugs are hanged on walls as is evident with ancient period houses.

  1. Add warmth

Besides being used to define relaxing spots in your home, rugs can be used to create a comfy and furry base to keep your feet warm and away from direct contact with the cold floor. Being a versatile accessory rugs can be rolled up and moved from one room to another. This allows for them to be stored away during summer and easily reinstated during the winter season. Rugs are also used in gardens to set up sit down picnics by couples during the bright and colorful summer days.

  1. Layer the perfect room decor

A designer knows that a room size rug should be the right size in order to fit a room perfectly. A good tip is to subtract 3 feet from both the length and width of the floor. Having bare floor edges gives a visual impression of the room being a little larger. When rolling a rug under the dining table, it is advisable to leave at least 24” of the rug extending outside the edge of the table on all sides. This ensures the back leg of the seat is always on the rug even when pulled to allow space for someone sit. Runners should be 18” to 24 “shorter and 4” narrower than your hallway. The rug should be wide enough to accommodate both your feet when you walk.

It is also wise to use a rug liner to avoid creeping or slipping off your rug. Ensure you choose a liner of the correct size and one that is appropriate to your floor type. This helps to avoid risky accidents caused by the rug sliding.

Rugs are an awesome decorating idea when looking to accessorize the interior of your home. You can update a room by changing the rugs with the change in seasons, or as a means to introduce a fresh colorful trend. These 5 tips for decorating with rugs will ensure you have what it takes to give the interior of your room an impressive new look.