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From wedding decors to restaurant signages to home decor, homemade script wooden signs can be found everywhere. You don’t have to scour through the depths of online shopping sites just to find something customized to what you want. With these 5 tips for making DIY script wooden signs, you’ll be making your own in no time.

5 Tips for Making DIY Script Wooden Signs

Doing lettering and calligraphy on paper is hard enough as it is; on wood, it’s even more difficult. You can either cut the letters from wood, use the cutout, or paint the letters on a block of wood. These trendy wooden script signs come in different forms. Nevertheless, all can be done yourself with the help of a few tools and crafts and these tips.

Use the Right Tools

A scroll saw is the best tool to use for this kind of project because of its ability to create accurate curved cuts. Compared to a jigsaw, hand coping saw, or fretsaw, a scroll saw can achieve the most intricate curves in wood by moving its table. When you invest in a powerful and efficient scroll saw, you can immediately work on the script wood sign you want.

For its stability and ease of use, scroll saws are ideal tools for beginners to master. Since the lettering will be in script, there will be lots of loops and curved lines to cut in between letters. A good scroll saw will ease the process of cutting the most accurate cuts.

Practice Curved Patterns

Before you take on the more intricate letters, make sure to practice cutting easy, curved patterns of objects and images with your saw. Large patterns will get you used to the feel of the tool, so you’ll be better equipped to manipulate it for the more complicated ones like the script word or phrase you’ll cut. Once you feel like you’ve mastered those patterns, you can move on to designing your script sign.

Develop Good Penmanship

One thing that makes these wooden signs appealing is the highly personalized touch of the font. It’s even more special when you use your own handwriting for it. You can make your DIY wooden sign even more personal by writing out the word or statement you want to cut with your own beautiful penmanship.

Practice Paper Calligraphy

Penmanship is very different from calligraphy. The latter involves a more strategic approach to writing so that the ink is thicker on some parts of the letters while others are mere thin lines. Practicing this on paper with a calligraphy brush or pen will get you used to the craft and how it works, so you can transfer it to wood with a regular paint brush. This is for script wood sign projects where you paint the letters on a block or wood pallet yourself instead of cutting it.

Pick Fonts with Large Gaps

If your own handwriting is not an option, skip the writing and print out a font that’s easy to cut on a scroll saw. Easy means there are big gaps in between the edges of the letters. You can use this font as a stencil, rather than trying to freehand the word(s) on your sign.

By picking fonts with large gaps, it allows you a lot of space to cut accurately without accidentally cutting towards the edge of the other letters, as it will ruin the whole pattern in an instant.


Working with power tools and wood requires careful planning and practice. Even the most expert user of these materials can make a mistake, or even produce an ugly output. Applying these tips will ensure that you will come up with a flawless, beautiful, and accurate script wood sign.