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Art was once the preserve of the rich, it was, in many cases, deliberately kept as something of a mystery to all but the chosen few so that prices were kept high and so on. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Art is something that can be enjoyed in, and should certainly have a place in, every home whether it’s a 10 bedroom mansion or a 2 bedroom flat. Of course, there are many different types of “art” and making sure you choose the right pieces for your home is important. A huge oil portrait may look a little out of place taking up 90% of the wall in a small flat just as an ultra modern comic book print might sit rather awkwardly on the walls of a Georgian townhouse. It is all about choosing what is right for you, your home and your interior style and taste.

Here are 5 Top Tips to help anyone choosing art work for their home.

1. Be Open Minded

It is critical to be open minded when it comes to art. It is OK to know what you like but as you start looking you should always allow yourself to be wowed and lured in by something new. By being open you may end up finding something that gives you pleasure for many years more because it will seem fresher than your “old favourites” in terms of style. Being able to browse online at shops like https://www.artrepublic.com really allow you to experiment. Grab a glass of wine and your tablet and just relax and explore!

2. Have a Budget

Having a set budget for a piece of art is important. If you just play it by ear you may end up spending more than you thought. This, in itself is not a problem if you can afford it. But, if you can’t then you may end up resenting the work and eventually trying to sell it. You will not get the full enjoyment out of a piece if you worry about the cost every time you look at it. With so much art out there you will find something within budget.

3. Print or Original – choose which one

So there are two main ways you can buy art. One is to get a print of a piece of art the other is to buy the original. This may seem very defined but actually there are varying degrees of both. A print may seem like a cheap option and that is true if you buy something that has been mass produced. Many prints are one of runs of millions. However, some artists allow small numbered runs of prints of various works and these can be rare and have value. The idea of having one of only 50 prints is a great way to get that feeling of having something unique without having to buy an original. Getting an original from a well-known artist is going to mean big money. There are thousands of smaller and emerging artists out there though, and buying something created by one of these can mean the “original” is far more achievable. It might just be a wise investment too! It is worth trying to at least have an idea of which you want. If you are going to try and hunt down a fresh original from a new artist then you need to do some research websites like http://adurartcollective.co.uk/ are good to find in your local area to see if anything takes your fancy.

4. Think about the location

This is not about where your house is, it is very much about where the art is going to be placed. If you have a space in the kitchen begging to be filled then think about what kind of imagery you want there. You may love a certain feel or type of art but is it conducive to cooking and eating? The same goes for the bedroom; the feel of the work needs to suit the feel of the room. This is not so much about colour more about subject matter and style. Thinlk about how imposing the piece may be and if you want that weighing down on guests in a place designed for relaxation. Perhaps you want to shock or make a bold statement, in this case consider the above and use it to create the desired effect.

5. Think about size

The size of the artwork is really important. This is not just simply about having something too small for the room. It is more about ruining the effect and enjoyment of the work itself. NO matter how much you love a certain piece, if it is simply too big for the room it will look silly, it will take away the power of the work and leave something that just looks out of place. If you have fallen in love with something small when you were looking for something big hen simply find a place for that in another room and carry on looking. The best way to work out sizes is to buy a cheap frame selection and hang then one after the other over a week or so. Leave the, on the wall and see which feel right. You can then get a rough idea of the size you are looking for.

One tip that isn’t in this list is to do it your own way. As important as these tips are, art is a personal experience and it is a journey you should travel your own way. Keep this tips in mind but remember to explore and enjoy! Art is something that can always be passed on to others and to be enjoy all over again so nothing is forever.