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The holidays are drawing near, and this time of year calls for a multitude of holiday celebrations. After a while, the parties all tend to blend together and nothing stands out from one party to the next. Are you looking for a creative twist to make your holiday party an event to remember? Sparklers are the perfect touch to bring a party from bland to brilliant.

Here are five fun ways that sparklers will liven up your holiday parties.

  1. Draw shapes in the dark

This is particularly exciting at a party where kids are in attendance — just make sure to provide lots of grown-up supervision — although it can be fun for adults as well. After dark, hand out the sparklers and draw shapes in the dark. Make a game out of it and award points to those who correctly guess the shapes.

  1. Light up a cake or dessert with sparklers

What’s better than birthday candles on a cake? Sparklers! For a birthday party that falls during the holidays, light up the cake with sparklers for an extra special touch. No holiday birthdays in the family? You can light up a Christmas cake, cupcakes, cheesecake, brownies, or nearly any type of dessert with sparklers.

  1. Light the way when caroling

Does your family take a break from the party fun to go Christmas caroling in the neighborhood? Make the songs a little more exciting by carrying sparklers instead of candles or lanterns this year. The neighbors are sure to be impressed with your creativity!

  1. Garnish holiday beverages with sparklers

Whether you provide champagne or sparkling cider at your Christmas or New Year’s party, sparklers will add a fun touch to the bottle. Light the sparkler just before serving it to really ‘wow’ your guests.

  1. Ring in the new year with sparklers

Finally, sparklers are a great way to ring in the new year. Just before midnight, head outside and light them as the clock strikes twelve. This is a great alternative to kissing someone at midnight for those who don’t have anyone to share a kiss with.

The holidays are an exciting time of year, but all the obligatory parties can become a little bland after a while. If you are stuck hosting a holiday party this year, why not at least make it an event to remember? Use sparklers to really liven up your holiday parties, and everybody will be sure to remember it for years to come.