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Small bedrooms could be tricky to decorate,
since you have to be careful with the space. All you have to think about is how
to make your room look big, without having to use no furniture at all. Avoid clutter,
and maximize the space with these few tips.

Image Source: Pixabay
In a small bedroom, you have to choose wisely
when it comes to furniture. Instead of buying big bulky furniture that only has
one function turn to smaller pieces with multiple functions. Buy a bed that has
drawers underneath and shelves at the headboard, and you already have three
pieces of furniture in one. Instead of having a table, opt for small storage
cabinets and let your nightstand serve for different purposes. Do not block
your bedroom with useless furniture, think smart and make best out of that
valuable space.
Tricks with mirrors
The size of your room can greatly depend on how
much light there is. With mirrors and glass you can create reflections which
will bounce around creating an illusion of a bigger space. Instead of picking a
wooden coffee table, you can opt for small glass one. Also, you can hang
mirrors in the corners, or have at least two bigger ones on your walls to
create reflections of light. Another great idea is having art framed in glass;
not only it will look fancy, but it will also enable you to perform this little
trick, giving yourbedroom a whole new look.

Image Source: Flickr
Utilize the Closet
If there is clutter in your closet, it means
that you are not using it very well and, more importantly, you are throwing
away valuable space. Every inch of your closet should be smartly used so items
would not have to lie around your bedroom. If you can, drill additional holes
for more shelves, set up clothing rods for all of your shirts and jackets and
even install over-the-door hangers. Make your closets efficient, because the more
things you can organize and store in your closet, the less mess you are going
to have around your bedroom.
Remove some Things
Anything that you do not need in your bedroom,
you should move it somewhere else. For example, if you have a large TV, gaming
system, stereo system and similar entertainment devices, you should consider
moving them into some other room. These devices could take up too much space
which can be utilized differently. Also, old furniture, items that collect dust
and other garbage should also be out of the room. Credible rubbish removal in Sydney recommends donating and recycling
everything you might not need in your bedroom. Bedroom should be a clean room,
where you can relax and have some rest, instead of being a junk yard filled
with stress.

Image Source: Pixabay
Go Up
The biggest empty space in your bedroom is
right on your four walls. These dull wallsshould be utilized and filled with storage area and art that can make your room appear
bigger. Set up some shelves, organize all of your books and even decorate with
artsy figurines and pictures of your loved ones. Hang beautiful big paintings
above furniture which you wish to emphasize and expand the look of your room.
Also, by putting lightly coloured wallpapers you can bring more light into the
room and make it look spacious. Leaving the walls empty could seem like a good
idea, since it may make your bedroom look bigger, but you will fail to create
any pleasant atmosphere and your room will have no character and warmth.


It all comes to detailed organization and
illusions. Just remember not to make mess and not to have useless things in
your bedroom. This room should only be for private and relaxing moments, with
no factors which can bring stress into your home.