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If you’re looking to upscale the aesthetic of your interior, a carefully chosen set of stools can do much more than provide extra sitting.  The Eames Stool is an original 1960’s design by Charles and Ray Eames. The piece features solid teak hardwood with a dark walnut finish. While the single-piece manufacturing of the stool ensures sturdiness and resilience to daily use, the elaborate look of the walnut finish amplifies the elegance of its form. On its own, the stool is impactful and eye-pleasing.  It will complement the majority of styles and color schemes.

Here are 5 ways to use upscale your home with an Eames Walnut stool:

1. Extra Elegant Sitting

Everyone benefits from additional sitting space regardless of the room size. The Eames Walnut stool will enable hosting more visitors in your small area at a little expense to free space. It can also serve as an easy-to-move, adjustable sitting element in a larger-sized room. When you’re not using your stools, you can easily put them away or use them as substitute pieces.

2. Functional Decor

The Eames Walnut stool has a well-earned reputation due to its versatile design. Aside from sitting, the stool is also an artistic decor piece that enhances the ambiance. The prominent design is anything but ordinary. It will draw attention with its intricate form and add a touch of class to your interior.

3. Bold Improvisations

Is it a stool, a plant stand, or a pedestal? Does it even matter? The versatile form of the Eames Walnut stool is easily transformed into a stand which gracefully displays plants, books, and other nick-knacks. Refined in design and practical in use, the Eames Stool will make tidying easier while maintaining the upscale appearance of the area.

4. Mix and Match

Furnishings should be cousins, not twins. Combining multiple variations of the Eames Walnut Stool creates a cohesive setting, but also introduces variety. If you want your furniture to ‘get along’ without going fully uniform, place different Eames Walnut stools across your sitting area.

5. Next to Your Sofa

Extended sitting areas often feature scattered furniture. Your coffee table might end up being slightly too far for comfort. Here, an Eames Walnut stool can serve as a great coffee table substitute. It will enable putting away glasses and mugs without having to stretch out towards the coffee table.

The Eames Stool is anything but your ordinary stool. It can become a valuable asset to easily alter the visual space with little effort and imagination. The shape of the stool is versatile enough for multi-purpose use. Include it in your design the right way, and the Eames Walnut stool will add a touch of traditional classic elegance into your living room, hallway, bedroom, or any other space.