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Whether you just moved into your first apartment, purchased your first home, or are residing in the same household of over 20 years, there are a plethora of items that can help revamp your house from cozy to absolutely fabulous.

A wishlist is a perfect start to finding ways to decorate your home; however, it is common for people to stomp on their dreams while creating their list. Allow yourself the freedom and creativity to design a space that is aesthetically pleasing, and that shows off your personality.

If you are interested in spicing up your everyday decor, here are five items that you must have on your home decor wishlist.

  1. Amazing Chandeliers

Most upscale homes feature an elegant chandelier or even multiple chandeliers throughout the house. Chandeliers are timeless pieces that add character to any space.

The key to finding the right chandelier is determining what room you would like to have this item. Adding this type of light fixture to your wishlist guides you as you can navigate the style and size based on the room you would like it in.

Believe it or not, there are many styles of chandeliers such as crystal, glass, candle, and shaded which it makes a versatile piece that can be altered to fit one’s decor preferences.

Modern chandeliers often utilize chrome and satin nickel finishes along with clean lines to give any space a more trendy vibe.

  1. Statement Rugs

Some rugs are for show, and some rugs are meant to get dirty. If you desire to have a fabulous home, you must find a rug that is a statement piece, yet easy to clean if it gets dirty.

Statement rugs look stunning under tables, couches, and chairs. Keep in mind that not all mats fit with specific designs, so it is essential to be flexible with other items in the room such as chairs, desks, and couches

For a more chromosomic look, select a vibrant color for the rug that matches another item in the room. For example, an Egyptian blue area rug with a floral pattern would match well underneath an ivory sofa and a nude shaded seat. To add a pop of color, match the shade of blue with a china cabinet and place a throw blanket in the same shade on one of the seats.

Rugs are available in a wide variety of styles, shades, shapes, and sizes; however, people often overlook this item when designing a wishlist. This item is an excellent way to spice up your home decor as it ranges in price so that you don’t have to spend a fortune, yet it is also easy to install as you merely need to place it in the room of your choice.

Add a statement rug to your wishlist as it is an item that serves multiple purposes and can often be rearranged in a plethora of different rooms for a new look each time. A stair runner is another type of rug that provides a glamorous appearance as well as adds support when walking up and down the stairs.

  1. Elegant Paintings

Incorporating artwork into your design helps spruce up bare walls and create a flow to your decor. An elegant painting is a great way to turn a cozy home into a fabulous one as it provides a new layer to your home’s character.

Some people fear to place artwork on their walls as they worry about it being overwhelming; however, the right piece enhances the room rather than distracts the viewer’s eye.

Artwork allows you to connect with a piece in your home that evokes emotion and even conversation. Great works of art act as a conversation piece for hosts and guests to chat about whenever there is a lull in the conversation.

An elegant painting is a must have on your wishlist if you crave the idea of having a home that is both fabulous and welcoming to guests of all kinds, whether that is family, friends, or colleagues.

Finding the perfect piece for your wall is not as difficult as you might think, and it does not have to be expensive. You can always start with an affordable piece before saving to buy a more expensive painting. Paintings come in all different motifs and scales, so you are destined to find the ideal one for your space.

  1. China Cabinets

Not only are china cabinets functional, but they also come in a variety of styles, colors, and size. This furniture piece is a must-have on your home decor wishlist as it helps fill up a room in a magnificent way.

Gorgeous china is quite lavish, and it is essential to have somewhere to store precious items while also having them on display. A china cabinet gives you the best of both worlds as guests can admire your pieces along with the cabinet itself.

China cabinets are another item that varies in price allowing you to buy one on almost any budget. Some china cabinets also store other things such as wine which eliminates the need of having another piece of furniture solely for wine.

Display cabinets can remain in dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and even entryways. If you are longing for a furniture piece that is functional yet fabulous, you need to add a china cabinet to your wish list.

  1. Vanity Mirrors

Nothing screams luxury more than vanity mirrors as they allow the user to feel as though they are living an upscale life. It is more than just an ordinary mirror as you get a larger view of yourself and the room you are in.

Mirrors are easy to install, and depending on the type of mirror you desire, there might not be any installation whatsoever. Some people prefer to lean large mirrors against their wall, and it provides them with a modern, trendy aesthetic. A home decor wishlist would not be complete without a vanity mirror as it helps you feel good about yourself both inside and out.