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Furnace problems are common but many people do panic when they don’t understand why their furnace suddenly stopped working. So to help you decipher some common furnace problems, we have prepared a list that will tell you all that you need to know. But do remember to let a professional tackle these problems because doing it yourself might make things worse if you don’t have adequate experience in this sector.

1. Clogged Air Filters

This is one of the most common problems that cause the breakdown of the majority of furnaces. Clogged air filters are prevalent in air conditioners too and the reason for this is mainly dust accumulation that reduces the flow of air in the system. The furnace with clogged air filters will not blow hot air for a very long time and though it might function normally for a while, it would stop working after some time. If your furnace too facing the aforementioned problem, then do consult an expert like FurnaceUSA for cleaning or replacing your air filters.

2. Problems with the Thermostat

The furnace might also not work properly if there are any problems with the thermostat. One of the most common problems with programmable thermostat is that people forget to modify the program that they had set before. If your furnace is blowing air at the wrong temperature then it might be a problem related to the thermostat. Another problem might be related to the circuit breaker that gets activated if there is a short circuit. The furnace will switch off on its own in this case and won’t turn on.

3. Ignition Problem

Older furnaces have standing pilot lights which continuously use gas in smaller amounts to start. This leads to wastage and therefore the newer furnace models instead use an ignition system that works similar to a common light bulb. But similar to the latter, the ignition system can malfunction due to prolonged use and will have to be replaced by a technician.

4. Problems Related To the Burner

After you switch it on, the furnace is more or less depended on the burner to heat up the air that then travels through the air ducts to heat up your house. Therefore the burner needs to work properly for high efficiency and the proper working. If the burner is not working, there would be little or no heat and also your electricity bills may be higher. Regular maintenance will prevent this problem but if it still persists, call a licensed furnace repair company to clean or replace your old, faulty burner.

5. Blower Problems

Blower problems are commonly related to belt problems and can be easily detected. If your furnace is making a racketing or a high pitched noise, then the problem could be a blower related one. You will need to properly lubricate the belt and the blower to prevent too much friction in this case. Annual maintenance also helps prevent similar kinds of problems.

6. Mechanical Problems

There could be a number of problems related to the individual mechanical parts of the furnace. These are difficult to diagnose by amateurs and therefore should be left to the experts. Some common mechanical problems include a non functional fan, air duct clogging, rusted blower bearings etc. If air is not coming out of the vent or if the heating is not proper, call a HVAC contractor immediately.

The above were some common furnace problems that most people face and we hope that you have a basic knowledge now after reading this article. Do comment below to let us know what you thought about this article.