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Diamond may be the best friend of a girl but the thing that makes her look like a queen is her makeup place. Girls love to play with colors, styles and looks and mostly have tons of products and tools that can enhance her beauty. This clearly means that there are a lot of things to manage and organize and mind you opting for all-in-one drawer technique is not going to help you anymore. So, all you clutter loving ladies out there, it’s a high time to get organized. Here are some home decoration tricks that will do wonder to your makeup place.

Just like an epilator for strawberry legs does its work to smoothen the legs you can also do wonders to your makeup place if you work a little bit like the epilator. Sounds weird what epilator has to do with my makeup place. Well it’s just for instance that shiny, smooth legs look good and everybody compliments them, your makeup place will also look perfectly organized and clean. So let’s just get started with the hacks:

You can use Shoe Boxes as Drawer Dividers:

Well if you are super rich then you can opt for the manufactured drawer dividers but if you are not then we will tell you how to do it without spending a single penny. To organize a lot of things hold on to your shoe box along with a scissor and adhesive. All you have to do is to cut the shoe boxes in proper symmetry (length + width) as you require for your makeup space then place them into the drawer. These show boxes now creates the partition for every product or tool separately.

Candler Jar Pyramid
Most often you stand your glass candle jars on the counters so that your makeup tools stand upright. Well this is good if you have a big makeup space but if you want to go the other way then we will tell you how to defy gravity and make your makeup space innovatively cool. Turn the candler jars on their side and join them together with glue like a pyramid. It will not only look creative but interesting also.

Use Pegboards for a Mini Dressing Station:

Use the inside space of your closet to create more space by using pegboards. This way you will not only save on space but you can find small things easily like artificial earrings, necklaces, hair clutches, hair bands, hair clips that are hard to find sometimes.Use Magnetic Board: 

Why not use your walls in a smart way for that extra space that you think you always need when there is lot of unmanageable clutter present here and there. Not like the mind boggling question of how to remove makeup out of carpet you can remove the clutter without doing much brainstorming. By utilizing your unused wall space you are making space in counters and drawers for other stuffs to be filled.
You Can Use a Wine Rack as a Wall Organizer:
Yes, you have read it right. You can actually use an unused wine rack on the wall to utilize your unused wall space. You can hang cables, extension cords of hair dryer and other tools in an organized way.Use Plastic Bottles Creatively:
When you see colorful bottles not in use then think to utilize them for your makeup space. Cut them in half and use the bottom part for simple storage. This is quick and easy process and can help you organize tiny tools in a proper manner.