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House cleaning and pets don’t seem synonymous, but they can be. When you want to maintain a clean home, part of cleaning is keeping it sanitary and good smelling. Human beings associate good smells with cleanliness, while dogs and cats want to be in a home that smells like something familiar.  This causes dilemma of housekeeping and pet cleaning, you clean so the house smells good, and your furry little friend immediately tries to undo all your hard work.

How many times have pet owners given their pets a bath, so they have good smelling pet hair, only to learn they go outside and roll in everything and anything they can to ensure pet odors rule?

Practically, every incident of home environment not seeming to look and smell cleanly while owning pets, is a direct result of pet hair, litter, or debris. To ensure a clean environment as a pet owner, the investment in pet supplies is optimal. This doesn’t mean state-of-the-art expensive purchases, but it does mean to keep standard items up to par, such as litter box supplies and/or cleaning supplies.

  • Make sure you have good vacuum for pet hair

One of the things that makes your home stinky is excessive pet hair and pet dander.  As pet hair stays on your carpet or furniture, the smells from the dirt outdoors, other animals, feces or urine will start to embed themselves in your furniture.  Do your research and make sure you have the best pet vacuum for your needs.  It makes a huge difference in how clean your house is.

  • Have a nearby station to clean debris

When your dog returns from play outdoors, you should have a station nearby their entryway or in the laundry room where you brush them and clean off any dirt and grime from their pet hair. Keeping wipes handy can aid in keeping them smelling fresh. Brushing them upon return from out-of-doors will assist too. Having a place to wipe their paws is also helpful.

  • For cats, it is good to have a litter box mat under their litter box.

If you are using scoopable litter, making certain to scoop daily eliminates odors. Additionally, purchasing pine pellet litter is a good addition to the cat care regimen. Pine pellets absorb better and do not carry an odor like scoop litter can and clay litter is the least odor resistant – though the most cost effective. The pine pellet litter is also a good resource as a plant mulch and can be used in the outdoors around shrubs and greenery – not good for vegetable or edible gardens.

  • Wash pet linens and toys just like human linens and toys

If your pets have toys – you need to wash them weekly. Use a non-abrasive soap and clean them so that they are not stained or holding bacteria. The same is true for pet linens or pet beds. Run them through the washer and either air dry or machine dry contingent upon the directions or fabrics. When you purchase pet beds, review them for wear and tear and cleaning. Do a little research and learn what is easiest to maintain as a cleanly care and treatment solution for pet relaxation.

  • Pet brushing and cleaning

Keep a pet brushing and cleaning schedule. It is good to brush your pet daily, just like a human being; however, this is not always feasible – at the very least – you should attempt to brush your pets a few times a week. The more you brush them, the better their coat, the cleanlier their dermis and the less they shed, which results in hair debris that often collects under furniture and on rugs and sofas. 

Cleaning too, aids in pets remaining cleanly and, in turn, results in homes having less dander and fur from pets.

  • Cleaning closets, under Furnishings, pet surfaces and floors

All home cleaning involves total surface cleansing, which means, ensuring closets, furnishings, pet surfaces and floors have been washed, mopped and dried with cleansers that remove bacteria and germs. Usually, in a household with pets, you want to use a cleaner that is environmentally conscious, while resulting in sanitary results. Vacuuming, mopping, and wiping down surfaces daily makes a home healthy and attractive.

A cleaning routine is the easiest path to an odor free and dirt free home. More frequent patterning of cleaning delivers a pathway to achieve sanitation goals through baby steps rather than having to powerhouse and commit to field-daying the home. It sounds like more, but in small increments of daily cleansing practices comes overall positive home health and environmental consciousness. 

Liz Buckley is a part of the Content team at Best Vacuum Expert, sharing expert knowledge and best tips on how to have a clean house.