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The beginning of a new year is as good of an excuse as any, to take a look at your home and start renewing and altering its design. This is usually a large and complicated project and it’s best to come up with an overall plan before you get to work.

There are no strict rules to follow but you should keep the design functional and purposeful.

Dark tones

Open, bright homes and a minimalist design seemed to be all the rage up until recently. There’s definitely something beautiful and aesthetically pleasing about this design, but it’s starting to get a bit stale and boring. Nowadays, dark tones are starting to take over.

Dark, lush, and elegant designs could work in every room in your home, but they are best suited for large living rooms or family rooms. Lather furniture, dimmed lights and thick carpets are the staples of this look. This setup can also include TV sets and other modern technology that won’t disturb the overall appeal.

Bold colors

With the minimalism and the soothing tones out of the picture, there’s a lot more room to experiment and to try to find a look of your own. Bold, vibrant colors are becoming increasingly popular in both furniture and the carpeting trends.

The choice of colors will mostly depend on the amount of natural light you’re working with. Red, yellow, and orange should be used carefully, and they should be separated with calmer colors because they can aggravate you, and make you feel restless. For instance, if a large object, such as a rug or a desk, is red the ornaments should be of contrasting colors


Velvet is coming back, so you should definitely use it in your home design. It’s a rich, lush material that can create a sense of luxury in your home. It’s mostly present in living rooms on spacious sofas and couches, but it can also find its place in kitchens and large dining rooms.

It’s best to go for velvet furniture in natural, dark tones. These hues will create a grounded, elegant feel in the room regardless of how the rest of the room looks. Also, keep in mind that velvet is a bit difficult to maintain.

More freedom

A modern home design leaves much more room for freedom and creativity. Most homes have welcomed the open floor plan which means that the rooms are no longer separated by massive walls. This will allow you to move your furniture around and even change your décor entirely a couple of times a year.

Elegant custom made furniture will be a great addition to such a space, because you can arrange and rearrange it however you see fit. Basically, you can plan for multiple design setups that you’ll be able to try out in years to come.

The kitchen

The kitchen is usually the central part of the home. Families spend the majority of their time there, so it needs to be designed accordingly. That means that the design needs to be pleasant, and the furniture should be sturdy and durable. The functionality is also very important, since you want to be able to move around with ease.

All of this can be accomplished by installing heavy cabinets made of old, sturdy wood. Installing these requires some skill, so you might want to hire a professional to do it. In order to make these appear lighter, you should use neutral colors, such as light blue.

Going vintage

The decorations should reflect your sense of style, but if there’s one theme you should consider – it’s the vintage look. This style goes well with modern architecture and furniture because it adds a touch of elegance and character to your home.

Vintage decoration pieces are quite affordable and can be found almost anywhere. Check out the local shops and yard sales and you’ll find dozens of pieces that can work well with the furniture you already have.

Designing your home can take years, and no matter how exhausting it might get, it can also be quite a fun way to develop your design skills. As long as you have a general theme, you can experiment with a lot of different looks and styles.