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A home renovation is always an exciting project. Most homeowners still love a good repair to revamp their houses from time to time.

Whether you decide to DIY or seek the help of a professional, as exciting as a renovation can be, it is always important to stay safe at all times. You would want to have a smooth and accident-free process so that it becomes a more enjoyable, quick and successful renovation.

Here are some safety tips for you to follow and remember, during a home renovation:

  1. Prepare all your safety gear first.

Before you start your first day of renovation, do prepare all your safety gear first. It’s much easier in remembering to use it when you already have everything on hand.

Some of the safety gear that you will have to prepare includes:

  • Knee pads
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Helmet/head gea;
  • Dust masks
  • Work boots. (Bonus tip: You can read on work boot reviews here, to learn more about the best work boots for you!)

Keep these gears in a location which is easily accessible so no time will be wasted on finding it.

  1. Have all your permits ready.

A home renovation entails more than just building, transforming and painting. Apart from the safety gear that you have to prepare, you will also have to prepare all the necessary health hazard and safety permits.

Do not skip this process. Make sure that you have obtained all these permits from your local government, as this will mean that they have inspected your home and have given you a “Go” signal to carry on with your renovation.

Experts suggest that you should be friendly with the inspector, so that they will inspect your home more thoroughly and better, and give you more honest reviews on safety and health hazards.

  1. Create a work center.

When you create a work center or space for your project, you can stay more focused and organized. It will feel like as if every tool or object has a place to belong to.When you have a workspace, you can keep your tools properly instead of just leaving them all over your home, which can be dangerous. This act of laziness and negligence can lead to tripping over wires, slipping, or accidentally hitting sharp objects.

  1. Wear the proper attire.

Now is not the time for you to sport your baggy shirt or your tank top over your pajamas, and wearing flip-flops just because the renovation project merely is in the premises of your home.

Wearing proper clothing can protect you against safety hazards such as paint getting all over your skin (which can be hard to remove), dust getting in your ears, or accidental burns and scratches.

It is recommended for you to wear the safety gears listed above to avoid any of these accidents. Always follow the golden rule of covering up from top to bottom.

  1. Consider your health condition.

Before exposing yourself to any construction project, it is best for you to consult your doctor first. Ask about your existing health condition, and what should you have to avoid when renovating.

Remember that during these type of scenario, you can be exposed to smell from paint, fumes from machines, dust from cement or drilling up walls, and other harmful and toxic materials. If you are asthmatic, then this can be a problematic situation.

Some health tips to follow are:

  • Keep yourself hydrated: drink water regularly.
  • Rest when you can; do not push yourself too hard.
  • If there is an existing window in the room, do open it when you can to have proper ventilation. Doing this will help spread out any toxic smell and can even let out dust.
  • If you can work on something outside in the open air, then do it there. Go out of the room.
  • Choose more natural options: most home depots today now offer scent-less and more natural paint, for example.
  1. Stay in a hotel for the duration of the home renovation.

Although it will be costly for you and your family to stay in a hotel while the renovation is underway, doing so is always an advantage. This is highly recommended, especially if you have young kids around.

You can avoid any untoward accident completely as no children are running around during the construction site. Further, you are keeping yourself healthier as well by eating, resting and sleeping in a clean and dust-free place.


Keep these safety tips in mind as you go on with your home renovation. Remember, accidents can happen anytime, from ceiling and ladder falls, to accidentally cutting yourself from sharp tools, and even little or major bumps.

It is more wise and prudent to practice safety precaution rather than be too relaxed. Accidents could be prevented by following these tips and will help you have a fun and smooth home renovation process.