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Most people in America and indeed elsewhere plan to sell their first home for a better one in future. However, they just do not know the right time to put the home up for sale. This should not be hard though if you know what signs to look for. See a few of them here:

1. Lifestyle In change

Selling a home does not depend on the price that it will fetch as much as it does on the lifestyle that you have adopted. For example, you could have added a kid or two, or even adopted one, and you are feeling that the space is a bit cramped. That alone is enough to tell you it is time for a move. Maybe you have started working from home, and so you need an extra room to use it as your home office. It is time to sell and buy a bigger home.

2. You Are Retiring

This is enough reason for you to sell your home. Your children are all grown and the doctor has advised you to move to a warmer climate, maybe to California. That is a sure sign that you should spruce up your home and sell it, and go live in another place altogether after your retirement.

3. Have More Space Than You Need

If you have too much room, then it is all going to waste. Maybe it is time to sell the home for some good cash and then buy a smaller one. In fact, many people say they sold their home because they felt it was too big for them.

4. When The Prices In The Neighborhood Are Right

Price can determine whether you sell your house or not. If you have a big beautiful house, has added some features and improvements that can fetch you a good amount of money, well, it is time to sell. Keep an ear to the ground all the time and if you hear that a local house sold for a good amount of money, you can decide to put yours on the market. You can even ask a realtor how much your home would fetch and if you feel it is right, just sell.

5. When You Cannot Afford To Live In The Current Home Anymore

When your spouse has died, you have been divorced or ill, well, it may be time for you to sell that home and look for a cheaper place to live in. This is a hard decision though but someone has to make it. If you lose your job and you have looked for another one for months, well, just concede that making mortgage payments will be a problem and sell the home. There is no need to wait for the bank to come calling. Maybe you can just need a larger home and you can afford that. So, selling the old house make sense.

6. When You Have Positive Equity

Home equity means that whatever mortgage you owe can be subtracted from the current value of the home and you remain with some money … that is positive equity. However, you should wait until the equity is enough to pay the down payment for another home. The recommended amount of home equity is that one which can pay a 20% deposit for a new home.


These are some good signs you should look out for and decide if you should sell your home or not. These are the right times you can either quickly sell your house or have the best price for your property.