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So, you’ve been given the responsibility of buying chairs for your business space. Seems pretty straightforward, all that you have to keep in mind is the budget, right? Wrong, that’s the least of your troubles. A lot of things need to be under consideration while purchasing office chairs- the material, colour, style and comfort to name a few. There’s no need to worry about this as we have a few tips to keep in mind while buying chairs. They will definitely impact the office productivity, as employees will be more comfortable and it will promote their overall well being. Choosing the appropriate office chair is vital, and picking the right ones can go a long way in terms of health and happiness in your workplace. Before choosing the first generic set of office chairs in your budget that pops up online, take a look at these tips, and reconsider.

1. Look for Adjustable Chairs

Not all employees are the same. Some may be very tall, others very short, all of different sizes. Opting for chairs with adjustable seats will prove extremely useful. Some chairs also have removable and adjustable arm rests! This gives the employees the freedom to get themselves comfortable at their desks with the chairs, and we all know that happy employees work better!

2. Pick A Suitable Colour for The Chairs

Picking the colour can be most daunting. There needs to be a trade-off between cleanliness and ambience. You either have to choose colours such as light grey, white, orange or green which show dirt after a few months of use, even though these shades exhibit serenity and a peaceful aura. Or, go in for dark colours like dark blue, purple or black, which don’t get dirty that easily but could leave the office looking rather dull. Most importantly, choose a colour which matches your brand, for it is a way of showing off the personality of your company.

3. Choose the Right Material and Be Gone with All Your Woes

There are a variety of materials that chairs come in these days- leather, vinyl andfaux to name a few. Again, choose one which goes well with the surroundings. Fir instance, leather chairs go very well with offices that have a lot of glass windows. Depending on the location where your office is situated, choosing the right material can take it a long way! If the climate is tropical, that is pretty warm throughout the year, a mesh type material is best. Faux leather is great for offices that are cold throughout the year.

4. Remember That Comfort Is Utmost Priority

Remember that if your employees aren’t comfortable, they will not be able to work as efficiently. Keeping their needs in mind, choose chairs with a little bit of foam, which fit the work desk in height and width. Make sure they are wide enough as well. The chairs should preferably be tall enough to support the back as well as the neck and head. Choose tall standing back rest chairs with added head rest for maximum work efficiency and watch how the company increases in productivity! If you’re looking for such a chair, read this.

5. Retractable Chairs Aren’t A Necessity, But A Common Need.

Most employees prefer to lay back and rest for a few moments during the day at work, and such a break is much needed and recommended. Retractable chairs which also move a full 360 degrees can be super helpful for working professionals. These usually have large back rests as well. Although they are sought after, they aren’t really a necessity. If your budget allows it, it could be a good investment.

6. Never Exceed Your Budget

Although this is quite the obvious fact, we stress upon it because it is so important! Choose wisely when it comes to a tight budget- there will always be some trade offs to make. If you find two chair models both of equally good quality equipped with the same attachments/advancements then don’t hesitate on taking the lower priced one. You could get comfort components to add on such as a foam seat with that extra money. Lastly, never compromise on comfort as much as you might on the colour or material.

We hoped the above tips helped you and made you more aware about the things that you need to keep in mind while buying office chairs for your business.