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Perhaps you are now only using one family car instead of two and you no longer need your garage space. Or you have recently extended your driveway in order to provide more room for a home expansion and your garage is now obsolete. While garages are still extremely useful for those in need of a safe place to park their car overnight, nowadays they commonly have a range of other purposes.
Is there a home improvement you have always wanted to get, but never got around to it? Perhaps there is not any available space in the rest of the house? Why not consider renovating your garage so that it suits a new purpose? We take a look at 6 different ways to transform your unused garage space so that it becomes a regular room in the house instead of merely a cold storage room.
1.    Home Gym
It can be pretty taxing for those of us who work full time to take time out to go to the gym on a regular basis. If we feel unfit, a monthly gym membership may do more to discourage us than to actually help us work-out. Others prefer to do their exercises alone and in peace, or in a place where nobody can judge them for being unfit. The home gym is a great solution to these issues, but there is not always space in your house for a fully blown home gym.
By repurposing your unused garage, even by stringing up a punching bag in the garage, stacking up a few weights and dropping an old running machine in there; you instantly have your very own home gym. There is no need to buy a whole load of expensive machinery, just a yoga mat and some weights will do just fine. What is important is that you have that separate space to do it in.
2.    Movie Theatre
Now that the average Joe can buy a whopping projector screen from Argos, making a movie theatre in your garage is a piece of cake. Grab yourselves a couple of mismatched sofas off of Freecycle if you’ve spent your entire budget on the projector and the sound system. A few blankets thrown over the sofas will cover up any old stains and you’ve got yourself a fully-fledged home cinema with minimal effort. Now all you need is a mini-fridge for the cold drinks and a huge bowl of popcorn and you are all set to binge-watch the latest blockbusters.
3.    Guest Room
For those who regularly entertain guests, or who like to have the ‘in-laws’ over, a guest room is a really good way of renovating unused garage space. However, it is important that you properly insulate the garage before converting it into a guest room. It is alright for you to quickly renovate the garage into a man cave without doing any heavy work, but if a guest stays over you need to make sure that they are comfortable.
A games room can easily double up as a guest room if needs be if you invest in a sofa-bed, and you’ll also want to look into damp-proofing techniques. Some garages are more vulnerable to the elements so there is no point getting in a lovely set of furniture only for it to be ruined by condensation and damp a few months down the line due to poor planning.
4.    Office
As with a guest room, renovating the garage into a home office is going to take a little more effort than ‘stick a desk in there with a laptop on it’. If you’re going to have a big hefty computer in the room along with important work documentations, you want the room to be properly insulated and protected against the cold and damp. Once that is out of the way you want your office to make the best use of the space available. There are a huge range of different space-saving storage solutions available on interior design and home websites nowadays, so browse a couple of these for ideas. Even if you normally work on a
laptop, sometimes having a home office makes for a great change of place and gives you a ‘kid-free environment’ for when you are working on the more stressful tasks.
5.   Man-Cave/Arts and Craft Room
Salvage a pool table! Get yourself a La-Z-Boy chair or a darts board and a mini fridge to make a man cave. Or fill the room with fabrics and easels to make an arts and crafts room. Perhaps you’ve been looking for a safe space where you can sew with reckless abandon. The garage could be that space! If you and you partner cannot decide on an overall theme, why not split the room? Most people don’t care about the size of the space, just that they have space where they can relax and cultivate their own hobbies.
6.   Pantry
What’s better than food? More food right? Turning your garage into a storage hold for your food stocks could be the best way of making good use of the space. If you don’t have a very large kitchen, then perhaps moving the fridge or freezer into the garage is a good idea. That way you also have more space in the kitchen and can stock up on essentials for longer periods of time. A pantry isn’t just limited to food, though; you can have napkins, toilet roll, shampoo and shower gel also stored there in case of emergencies.
Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer with an ever-growing desire to organise his empty space into something cool. For the information in this article, the Corporate Garage Door Company were consulted.