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I have always loved living in the UK but the one downside, apart from the weather, is that the UK has some of the smallest homes in Europe and most households struggle with either a lack of available storage or living space. With property prices on the rise year after year, many people are looking to adapt their homes to their needs rather than move. A loft conversion can provide an elegant and cost-effective solution to the problems posed by limited storage and small living spaces. The benefits of getting a loft conversion are numerous so I have decided to simply list my top 7 in the hopes it might persuade you to get a loft conversion yourself.

  1. Extra Space

Extra space in the home is something most of us long for here in the UK and it can be one of the hardest thing to come by when looking for a house, without having to fork out a very large sum of money! So, why not create that extra space yourself for a fraction of the price?

Adding a loft conversion to your house is a seamless way to increase the available space in your home. Loft conversions add a whole other room (or two!) onto your house. You will gain valuable space for you and your family to grow into and it will save you a hefty sum on the cost of moving.

  1. Increase Your Property Value

If you own your property, you should seriously consider a loft conversion as it can add a huge amount of value to your home. In most cases, adding a loft conversion will add a 20% increase to the value, but with the right additions and the right use of the space this can be considerably more. Think about it. You are not only increasing the available space in your home but you are increasing the value of your home by at least a quarter.

  1. Storage Space

This is perhaps not the most exciting point on the list but for those of us with limited storage at home, extra storage space can be an extremely exciting thought! Additional storage is welcome in any home but is particularly useful for a large family, it is not to be overlooked. By creating additional, easy to access storage, you can make your home far more liveable and manageable.

  1. Energy Efficiency

As a society, we are becoming more and more aware of the affect our careless actions and wasteful energy usage has been having on our planet. The issues of global warming have never been more pressing than they are today. As we look at the impacts of energy usage and waste on our planet, it is good to consider the amount of energy we are consuming in our homes.

In older homes especially, it is common for a large amount of energy to be lost due to poor insulation. Of course, this could be fixed by simply installing better installation but, if you have the budget, why not convert your loft and do so much more for your carbon footprint and your home?

A loft conversion is an excellent opportunity to increase the insulation in your home. Loft conversions are extremely energy efficient and they insulate your home better than anything else. So, why not improve the energy efficiency of your home by adding a loft conversion?

  1. Reduce Your Bills

As mentioned above, adding a loft conversion to your home can help increase the energy efficiency of your home. By improving your loft space and increasing your insulation you will reduce your energy bills as a result, making your home more energy efficient, cheaper to run and more comfortable.

Why not take the opportunity of adding a loft extension to make changes to your roof and add solar panels to decrease your electricity bills even further? Just a thought.

  1. Lots of Light

Loft conversions can be an effective way to increase the amount of natural light your home received. Because loft conversions are, understandably, built at the top of your house, they are much less likely to be blocked by other houses, trees or street lamps and their unobstructed view offers the best positioning to receive the ultimate amount of sunlight during the day.

Even by adding a single roof window to your loft conversion, you will have the potential to drastically increase the amount of available natural light in your home. Rain or shine, loft windows provide beautiful views of your surroundings, allow for a copious amount of natural light to flood into your home and are ideal for effective ventilation. What’s not to like?

  1. A Range of Options

A loft conversion presents a whole range of options, from an additional bedroom and bathroom, ample storage or a children’s playroom, to a study, office, or gym, there are so many options to choose from! Simply let your imagination run wild. Loft conversions allow you to adapt your home to your needs. Install a loft conversion and help relieve the number of family tensions, no more queues for the bathroom or arguing over who has a shower first, more privacy for yourself or your growing children and just generally more space so that everybody in the house has a room in which they can relax and recharge alone and in peace. The alone and in peace part is the important part to remember. If nothing else, your loft conversion could be a great escape for you to get that much needed alone-time and peace and quiet.

Final Words

Loft conversions have been rapidly growing in popularity over the years, particularly throughout the UK. And, after reading through the list of benefits, it’s hard not to see why. If you had a loft conversion, what would you turn the extra room into? Let us know your wildest ideas in the comments below!

Written by James Powell, blogger and media manager for DMB Solutions.