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Whether big or small, apartment dwellers always seem to have the need and the clamor to maximize space in their apartments. Because of consumerism, there’s a tendency to purchase more and more items, even those that you don’t end up using. Hence, it’ll always seem like there’s a shortage of space, especially in apartments. Here are some easy tips for you to maximize space in your apartment:

1. Switch to digital

One of the great things about technology is you can have hundreds of books, magazines, music, and movies all in one device. If you have hoarded extremely numerous books in the past, and haven’t touched them again, then now is the time for you to sell or donate them so that you can use the space instead for other things in your apartment.

But, this isn’t to say that you should get rid of all your collectibles. Take time to look at each of your items and check to see which of them are sentimental, and which aren’t. For those non-sentimental collectibles, please give them a new home by donating them while keeping only the sentimental ones. This way, you can allocate more room and more extra space for other more important things.

2. Downsize your furniture

If you live in a small space, there’s no point in you having large furniture. Take a look at your apartment and check to see if there’s any furniture pieces, such as your dining table or your sofa, that you can downsize. If you don’t invite many guests over because your space is small, then you don’t need to accommodate furniture that can fit a lot of people.

3. Think upwards and vertically

When you’re trying to maximize space the best piece of advice that interior designers can give is to look upwards and think vertically. If there’s any space on your wall that you can install shelves or storage space, then don’t waste it. You might still be able to utilize the space above any of the following:

  • Your stove, if it doesn’t come with a hood
  • Your kitchen countertop or sink
  • Your toilet seat
  • Your headboard
  • On top of the refrigerator

4. Utilize any awkward corners or any other free space

If you take a good look at your apartment today, you might notice that there’s still many nooks and crannies that you can utilize for storage areas. Some of these areas include:

  • Under your bed
  • Behind your bathroom mirror
  • Behind doors, and even behind cabinet doors

These may seem like only small places, but they can make a difference by really using up every square foot left of wasted space that you can allocate for storage instead!

5. Hit two birds with one stone

There’s a lot of innovative home products and furniture now in the market. For example, you can find a lot of living room sofas that can also double into a bed; and some shelves can also double as a wall office table. If you live in a small apartment space, buying double-purpose furniture can be extremely good for you! If you suddenly have guests sleeping over, you’ll no longer have to worry about your tiny space, as your sofa can transform into a bed.

6. Hang up a wall mirror

If you’ve already exhausted all efforts to maximize your space, yet it still looks cramped, one of the best solutions for you is to hang up a wall mirror. A mirror is a great way to trick the eye into giving a small space the illusion of a bigger size. Hence, even if every corner in your apartment is used up to its maximum capacity already, if you hang a big wall mirror in one of the common areas, such as the living or dining room, your apartment will instantly look and even feel bigger.

7. Change your bed to a double bunk bed – or loft bed

When you’re really in dire need of more space, and you don’t know which area to sacrifice, look at your room and try to envision having a loft bed instead. Loft beds are just as comfortable as your bulky floor bed. However, it gives you more room and extra space as below the bed is usually a small office area, or a dresser, or cabinet space. The only catch is that you have to go up your bed every day on a small ladder. But, design-wise, it’s still a very innovative and an easy way to make more space in your apartment. By having a loft bed, you can have two rooms in just one tiny bedroom.


Organizing your apartment and maximizing space doesn’t always have to be costly; these easy tips and tricks will show you just that! Now that you have these in mind, all you have left to do is to head back home and start your clean up and organization project! Remember that no matter the size of your apartment, a clean and organized space is always a happy space. Free your sight, and your mind of clutter, and start with your space maximization project today.