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One of the most important parts of transforming traditional bathrooms into modern ones is that it doesn’t end up being too costly or time consuming. It is natural to feel a need to update your bathroom when you have been living in the same home for many years. There are so many ways to update your fitted bathroom furniture with some research.

Here are 7 ideas to modernize the traditional fitted bathroom furniture ideas:

Make it handleless: If you want to change the traditional face of the bathroom, make it handleless. It has been trending this year to make the bathroom furniture handleless. This gives a smooth and clean appearance.

White is new black: The white bathroom furniture never goes out of style and it gives the illusion of a larger space. If you opt for all white, it will be a beautiful clean canvas where you can add a splash of vibrant colour. This means you can keep your furniture for longer and just update wall colour and accessories based on up-coming trends.

Co-ordinate furniture: This is a classic furniture idea. You can coordinate bathroom furniture so that it compliments your bathroom. This will take your bath design to a new level which is professionally perfect and personally pleasing to the eyes. If you are struggling to find the coordination between 2 pieces of furniture, go for different sizes and shapes with the same color.

Marble: Marble counter-tops and tiles are the perfect example of on-trend style. The effect adds a touch of sophistication and classiness to your bathroom design. One option is to have a large piece of marble cut specifically for your bathroom cabinets. However, we recommend a more cost-effective solution, which is to buy a vanity unit with the marble already fitted on top.

Wall mounted toilet: This year, a wall mounted toilet is the popular choice for people as they utilize the space better than a floor standing option. There is also the argument that they offer a more sterile solution as it leaves the floor clear for cleaning.  

Pull out storage: This is the perfect example of modular bathroom fitted furniture. This design aims to increase your ease of access and visibility to all that is stored in your bathroom vanity.

Built-in bath storage: How would you feel if the place beneath the bathtub was being utilized to store whatever you want? Yes, that is possible, beneath the bathtub you can store towels that can be easily reachable. You could create a hinged side panel that incorporates slim compartments to store smaller items.

Wrapping Up: These ideas will change the face of your bathroom. Whether you are looking to remodel or refresh, you can make all the changes with the help of utopiagroup.com and renovate your bathroom fittings according to your requirements and needs. A well-presented bathroom can add value to your home. So, while there is nothing worse than an unappealing bathroom that’s too full of clutter because of limited storage, you will be making a change which could make a difference to the price of your home in the future.