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Kitchen renovation is one of the activities we need to
do so we can keep our house clean, safe, functional and homey as well. Remodelling
your kitchen will definitely add value to your home. It would also make your
cooking experience more efficient and enjoyable.
However, there is no perfect plan for this kind of
renovation. There will be mistakes that will be committed but we can avoid it
by proper planning and being realistic.
Read below the mistakes we all should avoid upon
starting or kitchen renovation project:
small stuff in the kitchen.
Most of the time, if renovation involves a lot of big
furniture and stuff, we tend to forget the small details that make up the whole
picture of the place. Small add-ons and storage such as additional drawer
dividers and cabinet storage solutions will aid in increasing the efficiency of
our kitchen. Including them on the renovation will save you money compared to
adding them later on when you need them.
Poor lighting
is bad.

Kitchen renovation also includes installing adequate
lighting. It may not be an exciting part of the plan but investing on it will
save you time and money in the long run. A solid lighting plan will make your
kitchen safe, set appropriate mood and avoid some creepy shadows that does not
belong in the kitchen.
Misuse of
storage space

Every kitchen contains a lot of appliances – big and
small. Creating an adequate place for appliances while keeping them accessible
can be a little difficult. Proper planning and execution will help avoiding the
mistake of wasting storage space.
A small kitchen can have extra-long upper cabinets
with molding for extra storage space. The molding area should have proper
lighting to see it right away. Keep in mind to put the cabinets above the
refrigerator. You can also mount shelves (up to four feet storage) across the
backs of the lower kitchen cabinet.
counter space.

There are a lot of activities in the kitchen and the
lack of counter space may not be helpful in achieving your cooking goals.
Countertops are important, as well as the appliances that are placed in there.
In installing open horizontal surface area in your kitchen, you can put an
island or breakfast bar to an L-shaped kitchen to maximize your space.
Being trendy
and putting away timeless designs and materials.
In kitchen renovation, being trendy is not really
recommended. Trendy designs and materials only last for around five years.
Professional kitchen remodelers would recommend that you select permanent or
hard-to-replace materials. It includes countertops and cabinets. Experts say
that trendy designs and materials means renovating the kitchen sooner that you
think. It could also affect the value of your home when you decided to sell it.
The trendy stuff you can do to your kitchen is putting up the newest colors and
textures in accent pieces, like cushions, because they are less costly to
Over budgeting
is a no-no.
Kitchen renovation needs proper budgeting and sticking
to is more essential. Before starting your project, you should know the
features you want to add and renovate the most and then plan your budget around
it. Be realistic as much as possible, especially on design choices because it
will determine if you’re on the budget or not. Keep in mind, renovate your
kitchen that will work your needs and budget as well.
Paying in full
even if the project is still incomplete should be avoided.
Normally, projects require you to make a 50 percent
down payment before starting the project. The first half payment will be used
for placing orders for products needed for your kitchen renovation. It is also
one way to have a financial safety net if you decided to withdraw the project.
Remember, you and the contractors should trust each other to deliver the
changes you want.

About the author: Candice Larson is a fan of Martha Stewart and home
lifestyle advocate. She writes occasionally for Wincrest. Currently, she juggles her time
between the ad agency she works for and her graduate study.