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Winter can wreak havoc on your home.
The combination of snow, ice and low temperatures increases the likelihood of
damage and the need for costly repairs. The issues you face may be exacerbated
if you fail to prepare your home for the cold season. The relatively
comfortable temperatures of fall are the perfect time to get started. Here are some of the projects
you should be considering:

1. Heating System Test

Before heating your home becomes a necessity, make sure that your system works.
If it needs servicing, try to get it done before the start of winter when HVAC
service providers are likely to be busy. Otherwise, trying to get your heating
system repaired in the dead of winter may involve a long wait.

2. Gutter Cleaning

Once the leaves have stopped falling, get on the roof and remove the leaves and
branches from your gutters. Leaves and other debris in your gutters can result
in ice dams, which can result in backed up water pouring into your house. Ice
dams can also tear gutters off and cause damage to your roof.

3. Roof Inspection

Look for missing or damaged shingles. If you see any buckling or curling
shingles, have your roof fixed as soon as possible. Note also that roof leaks
can be made worse over the course of a winter. This is because roofing
materials contract and expand due to freezing and thawing. It is therefore
essential to deal with leaks as soon as possible.

4. Roof Cleaning

Remove leaves, acorns and other debris. These things can trap moisture, which
can cause shingles to break down. Furthermore, debris on your roof can wind up
in your gutters and cause clogs.

5. Draft Sealing

Gaps around windows and doors can result in the loss of heat, which means that
you will be spending more to keep your home comfortable. By caulking the gaps
and installing weather-stripping, you can stay warm and lower your utility

6. Sump Pump Check

Your sump pump can help to prevent costly water damage caused by rapidly
melting snow, but only if it is in good working order. Have your sump pump and
back-up sump pump checked to make sure that they are functioning correctly.
Rather than doing this yourself, it is a good idea to find a service provider
like A P Plumbing
that can handle both installation and repairs.

7. Reversing Ceiling Fan Direction

Running your fan clockwise during the summer allows it to draw up sinking cool
air and keep your home cool. Switching to counterclockwise during the winter
causes it to push down rising warm air and keep your home warm.