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“Less is more,” says the minimalists while others have a strong desire for “more is more”.

Maximalism is the opposite of minimalism — minimalist being a favorite design of many. Of course, even if we all have different tastes, it all goes down with the owner’s desire.

These two concepts can be perceived differently by people of different preferences. Minimalist style can be seen as boring and without much personality while maximalism can be seen as “over the top” and that with too much clutter.

Photo source: Domaine Home

If you’re the type that loves to play with colors, mix patterns and textures, and simply “go big” in terms of design, maximalism is definitely your style. Here are a quick guide and commandments of pulling off a maximalist interior style.

1 | Maximize the space
If you’ve ever stepped inside a maximalist’s home, you’ll immediately notice that their home is very busy and cluttered with decor and style.

Choose your anchors. Anchors should be your neutral base where you will build up and around your very busy design and layers of colors, patterns and textures. It could be the sofa, blinds, table and cabinet. Then, you can work with the walls and decor to let the whole space shine and make a statement. Add eye-catching accessories and structured pieces to utilize the space.

Fill each and every space available, this includes all the way to every inch of corners up the way to the ceiling.

2 | Blend styles and eras seamlessly
Home owners, interior decorators and home designers often stick to one style or theme when decorating homes. In maximalism, eclectic and bohemian is a combination favorite which works well hand in hand.

Committing to one era or style is a sin in maximalism because it simply defeats the purpose of the concept. If you’re having a hard time deciding between two patterns or three textures, worry no more for you can all accommodate them in your space.

Highlight the pop of culture in your home and clash of patterns. Just be sure to consult a professional in order to blend all the combination well and seamlessly. Keep the style in check by observing visual weight.

Photo source: Lonny

3 | Be bold and think exotic
The design is a mixture of bold patterns; layers of bold colors and textures and a variety of exotic influences and pop culture.

Let your home be inspired by European, Parisian, Bohemian, Indian, Moroccan or Middle Eastern design, or a mix of any among the given influences. Mix bold colors, patterns, textures and add breathtaking furnitures and textiles to achieve an eclectic tapestry. Albeit, of course, with a hint of your personality here and there.

4 | Clash and combine patterns and textures
Don’t be afraid to mix your aztec wallpaper with your floral couch or accent piece. You can start with your vertical-lined rainbow rug as your base then work from there.

Layering is the centerpiece of a maximalist home. Throw in velvet sofa with silk throw pillows and wool blankets. Some people may call you out for doing this but hey, that’s your style.

Even though you can say that, do remember that you still need to edit and do touch ups in order to have uniting elements that works in your space.

5 | Embrace the lighting

With a lot going on in one space, it’s really hard to focus your eyes on a specific centerpiece or statement accents. The key to do just that is by leveling up your light, especially natural lighting.

Bringing in floor lamps or table lamps in your space lights up the artistry you have created with all the colors and patterns shining, complimenting each one. Lighting up spaces of different focus and height will surely add visual interest in your space. 

6 | Display everything
Don’t hide your chinaware behind your plain and boring cabinet, put it out there!

If you have a collection of some sort, display and showcase it. Most maximalist homes are owned by collectors of not just one thing primarily the reason why there’s a lot going on in one space. Although there’s so much to handle in sight, it still works and looks marvelous.

7 | Emboss your personality
And finally, don’t shy away from customizing and personalizing your own space. Show off your design and decor skills. Display your wares and collections. Let people get a quick scan of your personality through your home.

What’s exciting about having a maximalist style is the liberating option it offers to homeowners. There’s no limitations and no one controls your design but you so there’s definitely no need to perk down on styling while still keeping in mind to have everything compliment one another.

Chie Suarez is a passionate writer for PAAL Kit Homes, a company that manufactures and supplies steel-framed kit homes that help Australian families build their dream home. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.