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In the recent years, some cities have seen a rise in burglary and other property crimes. According to security professionals, crime trends rise whenever there’s some uncertainty in the country’s economy. This is especially true in neighborhoods where there are a lot of vacant homes due to foreclosure.
However, even if you live in a relatively safe area, you must not take security lightly. There are groups of home intruders that are more interested in properties which they feel have more possessions to protect.
Suffice it to say, if you’re a homeowner, you should explore various solutions for keeping your home safe from burglars and other individuals with malicious intent.
Provided below are seven of the smartest tactics for keeping your home safe.

1. Set up a security alarm system.

Look for a home security company that offers advanced security alarm systems and choose a system that is sure to intimidate burglars.
Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, domestic burglar alarms, and even access control systems make for a seriously intimidating security tactic. They come at a considerable cost, but you can have the assurance that common burglars and other home intruders won’t easily be attracted to your property.
Also, should these individuals have the gall to push through with their home invasion plans, they won’t have an easy time breaking into your home.

2. Get a tough dog.

A big dog with an echoing bark has been proven to effectively thwart home invasion attempts. Many studies have shown that burglars hate dogs. Even if you prefer the smaller breeds, a yapping “alarm dog” can be enough to put someone off hanging around your property.

3. Illuminate your home.

Strategic lighting doesn’t make a home invasion easy because there’s always the fear of being detected early. Illuminate the outside of your home to make it difficult for burglars to carry out any of their plans – and you even get a nice side advantage of making your home look pretty at night.
You may also want to consider installing motion-sensing lights around the perimeter of your home. Such lights easily startle most burglars and prevent them from proceeding with their intended activities.

4. Laminate your glass windows and doors.

Glass is easy to smash, but with laminates (the thin sheets of plastic you can smooth on glass), they automatically become harder to break. Laminating film for windows and doors, plus installation, can set you back some, but it’s a home protection investment that’s completely worth it.

5. Invest in “trick” storage.

A hollowed out book, a hollowed out leg of a coffee table, stuffed toy wallet, and a fake wall outlet mini-safe are just some of the concealed storage solutions worth incorporating into your home. These are things that most burglars would not think of or bother checking out.

6. Turn down the ringer of your phone.

House thieves typically observe the homes they want to break into first, and one of the signs that they keep an eye (and ear) out for is the ringing of the phone. Loud telephone ringing can be heard outside the house. An unanswered phone call is always a dead giveaway that nobody’s home.

7. Install high-quality door locks.

Sneaking into a house isn’t a common tactic for entry that burglars use. Experienced ones always check for the easiest way in – the front door. So make sure that your door doesn’t open easily with a few stabs and tinkering with a hairpin or a tiny screwdriver.
Use a deadbolt with a strike plate secured by 3-inch screws that go into the frame; this is recommended by residential security specialists. The advantage with this lock is that it stays sturdy even if a thief tries to kick the door in.

Bonus Tactic: When you want to protect your home from property crimes, one savvy thing to do is to pretend that you’re locked out and try to get into your home. If you can find quick alternative access points, so can a burglar. So, address these areas if you want to heighten the security of your abode.

These burglar-proofing tactics will not only protect the material possessions you’ve worked hard to acquire, they’ll also help protect your life’s true treasure – your family.