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Cleaning your home can be a real burden and if you are anything like me, it can sometimes feel like all you are doing is cleaning! There are some things you can do however to make cleaning your home a much faster process, while still appearing like you’ve done an entirely thorough job to the outside world. How annoying is it when guests turn up with very little notice and your home is not looking as clean as it could be? The following 7 tips are the best for cleaning your home fast but to a high standard.

1.  Clean little but often:

If you leave your house to get in a big mess over a few days or a week, this equals more work for you when you finally decide to tackle the problem. You should clean as you do things, this makes the bigger task so much easier. I recommend having a schedule written down so that you are more organized with your cleaning. For example, you can clean the dining room on a Monday, the bedrooms on a Tuesday and so on. Make sure you mark off the tasks you have when you do them and you will feel so much more accomplished. Doing this in addition to making sure you always tidy up after yourself, means you will be saving yourself a lot of time.

2.  Vacuum often

Having dirt and dust-free floors can make all the difference and can make your home look much cleaner than what it actually is. Investing in a really good vacuum cleaner is something that you really cannot afford to scrimp on in regards to household items. A poor quality vacuum cleaner will make the task much longer and more tedious because you will not be seeing excellent results. The Shark vacuum cleaner is what I recommend you purchase for the best results. This vacuum cleaner gets rid of dirt quickly but efficiently. Vacuuming every couple of days with this product is going to make the appearance of your home that much better in an instant. I recommend vacuuming in rows along your floor, this ensures you don’t miss any spots and also leaves an organized pattern on your floor.

3.  Declutter often:

Items laying around your home that you don’t even use anymore makes a house look messy and cramped. I recommend getting rid of any clutter by either recycling, throwing away, giving to charity shops or selling. You have to be brutal when deciding which objects to get rid of or keep, just think of the end result and this should motivate you to keep going. In addition to getting you a clean home, decluttering often could also make you some money. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure as they say!

4.  Teamwork can help

If you can get somebody to help you clean whether that be a partner or your kids, then do it! Two hands are definitely better than one. Put on some of your favorite songs, dance around, have fun together and the job will be complete in no time. Having music on will make you clean faster because you are not thinking that much about what you are doing, you are just focussed on getting everything clean and tidy. While you are “speed cleaning” to music, keep in mind that every object has a home and you just have to find that home.

5.  Don’t forget to deep clean

It’s true that cleaning little but regularly is key for a fast job but having a deep clean every so often is pretty essential too. A deep clean should involve tasks like cleaning kitchen appliances, washing the windows and mopping all the floors. Day to day cleaning should be more based on tidying while deep cleaning will involve you using different products to get your home looking as it should be. I recommend having this type of clean every two weeks or so, perhaps on a Sunday as most people have lots of time on this usually empty day of the week.

6.  Stick to one area at a time:

Cleaning in patches can be tiring and usually makes very little progress. When you are cleaning a particular room, start in one area and work your way to another, until eventually, the task will be complete. When you don’t see progress in the space you are cleaning, this could make you lose motivation which is going to make you clean even slower rather than faster, which is what we are going for. Cleaning one area at a time will also make you see the potential your house has, which will spur you on to complete the job at hand.

7. Make your bed and fluff your pillows

It might sound silly but it’s really the little things that can make a home look super tidy even if it isn’t. Making your bed as soon as you get out of it in the morning, can make your bedroom look tidy and it can also give you the necessary motivation to get the rest of your house clean. You can do the same in your downstairs living area but instead of making your bed, you would fluff and arrange the cushions on your sofa to look more presentable. When you do this kind of thing, your house will look more presentable for when unexpected guests might turn up. Keeping your home clean can be largely psychological and when you do little easy tasks, they make the bigger ones much more trackable.


Incorporating the 7 above tips into your daily life will mean that you can be proud of the space you live in and also enables you to do fun things with the time that you are saving! Apart from a shark vacuum cleaner for faster results, you need no expensive products to get your home looking better than ever. You can actually make many cleaner products yourself using household items, something that is done more often and really gives great results. A clean house means a clean mind, so start today and you will reap the benefits in no time!