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No doubt, the whole renovation and relocation processes are hectic and irritating. There are tons of smaller activities that need your attention. One such is arranging a dumpster to carry all your waste material. Renting a dumpster is the most irritating process according to most people who relocate or renovate their homes. Many companies are working at the bottom line of services. They only are caring until they make a sale. However, any good dumpster rental company will offer up to mark services to its clients. To make finding such a professional company easy, we have compiled these 7 tips to find the perfect partner.

Size is the most important thing:

Out of so many questions that you should be asking a rental company, size should be the first to start with. Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes. You can easily find a dumpster of any size or weight. However, selecting the most suitable for your task is required here. It is important that you are delivered the exact size as you demanded. Because, you have space constraints and also most of the time you will be paying according to the size selected, make sure you get an accurate one. Many people make the mistake of not asking this one from the company. In the end, they get the wrong container for their task. This not only increases the cost but also wastes your time.

Ask about the weight limit and abide by it:

Weight is another very important consideration to make while renting a dumpster. When you have selected the size of dumpster you are going to use, ask the company about its weight limits. Each container has a specific weight limit and if it is ignored it may create multiple problems. Here is the generic breakup of weight limits for the most used dumpster for home projects.

  • 10 yard roll-off dumpster can carry a weight around 1-ton.
  • The 20-yard container can carry the weight of around 3-ton.

Overloading a dumpster from its capacity could trigger many problems. Therefore, it is always recommended to ask your company weight limit before selecting a dumpster.

Check out for space:

Many people make the mistake of renting the container prior to checking the space it would occupy. This is a serious step and needs your attention while you order from the company. The most common problems that arise by not checking your space is while unloading the container. If you are lucky to find some space in your doorway, make sure you plan space for your car. The size of the container is another important factor. If you have ordered a 20-yard roll-off container, while you have space only for 10-yard, you would be increasing your cost and time. Also, you need to clear the area before the container arrives to avoid any mishap during unloading.

Ask for the price:

Obviously, when anyone is going to buy the service, he will ask for the price. But there are certain questions you should ask of the company before buying the service. Make sure you get the get exact price and details. Read the whole quote carefully and read all the terms and conditions. Most of the companies charge a hidden fee in the end. In order to avoid any stress and misconception make sure you get the exact quote from the company. You should ask the company if there are any hidden charges of any kind. If there are some, already calculate your quote accordingly. Some companies also charge for overflowing the container or throwing prohibited items, so be sure to comply with any rules to avoid extra cost.

Carefully throw the materials into the dumpster:

Not everything is to be thrown into the dumpster. There are certain rules and specification for things that can go into the container. Most professional companies will already make you’re aware of all the policies, but in case you are not informed, ask this yourself. Flammable and hazardous products are most of the time discouraged to throw. Therefore, it is always wise to ask the company what can go into the container. This is important to ask because you may be fined by the company in case of any damage or breakage. Many companies also consider health and environmental guidelines, so always be sure you know about all of these.

Child protection:

The dumpster is not a place for kids to explore. However, the curious nature of kids compels them to see what’s inside the container. Doing so your children can hurt themselves, so make sure your kids stay away from the container. Prefer those companies who have a precaution sign displayed on their container. All professional companies will help more than enough to keep your children safe. Placement of container is also important in this regard. So, choose a place that is inaccessible for kids. Make your kids and other family members aware of what bad can happen with the container.

Negotiate the price:

If you are not doing this, you are going to pay extra for the service that can be bought at fewer prices. Commercial contractors negotiate a price with dumpster rental companies all the time, so, why you should not do it. You can also include some junk removal companies in your negotiation list to get a quote from them.  Almost all the companies’ offer discounted prices. But, you can get even more discounted prices just by asking for them. Moreover, if you belong to certain organizations like the military or some chosen organizations by the company, you can get an even better quote.


If you are about to renovate your home or are relocating to a new house, you are going to need a dumpster. To save you from the heck of finding the perfect company and paying only for what you are getting, we have shared top tips to find the perfect container rental company for your home project. Feel free to ask any question in the comment section. You can also provide us with your knowledgeable insights.