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A home library is a fundamental part of any home. Even in a digital age where resources are on the Internet and eBooks are the new trend, nothing beats the comfort of reading from a physical book where you could smell its pages. Reading from a physical book in the comforts of your home library after a long day, or during the cold winter days and nights, is a treat. Your library could be shelves of books incorporated in other rooms or a larger space that doubles as a home office. Whichever the case, here are seven tips to build a cozy home library that you’re certainly going to love:

  1. Utilize available space

You don’t need a very large area for your home library. In fact, there are many ways where you can incorporate a library into your home in creative ways. Depending on which room has enough space, you can have your library in your living room, dining room, or in the study. Here are ways to start your home library:

  • Place some bookshelves in one corner of a large room with comfortable seating and rug.
  • Long walls in a room can be built with a large bookcase which lines the wall. Just add some chairs and you’ve got a perfect home library.
  • Set up an area for a bookshelf and some seating on one side if your desk is on the other in your study or home office.
  • If you have a good window view with some space near it, a library with a view is relaxing too.
  1. Choose a quiet spot

When you’re trying to decide where to build your home library, always choose a quiet space. A room with less noise and foot traffic is essential to be able to have a cozy atmosphere where you can just relax and get lost in the book you’re reading. It’s best to look into soundproofing ideas for your perfect home library ambiance.

  1. Set the mood

Setting the mood in your home library is key to achieve a comfortable and relaxing space that you’ll want to keep coming back to. Not everyone has the same taste, so make sure that the mood you set is conducive for you and for the family members who will use the home library. Setting the mood comes in different aspects such as:

  • Lighting. What kind of lighting will you have? Is there natural light?
  • Décor. Determine the must-have décor for your home library. After all, this place should get your creative juices going.
  • Design. Is the home library more modern or classic? What colors and textures will help you achieve the purpose of building the library?
  1. Pay attention to lighting

A perfect and cozy library is not one which leaves you straining your eyes. Lighting is crucial to every part of the home, especially in the library, because you’re going to be reading. A few lighting tips are:

  • Take advantage of a space with good natural lighting that would be sufficient during the day.
  • You can use a modern floor lamp right next to your reading chair.
  • If you want to save floor space, you can use swing arm wall lights next to your reading chair or desk.
  • Wall sconces around the shelves or the fireplace can help achieve a traditional architecture look.
  • Picture lights can be used to brighten bookshelves. In this way, you can illuminate shelf spaces and see the contents of the shelves easily.
  1. Organize your books

Organizing your books ensure that you can easily find what you’re looking for. Book organization is generally based on author or genre. However, some homeowners also decide on book arrangements according to how it would match the aesthetics of the library. Remember that functionality should be a priority so that you can get maximum enjoyment of your home library.

  1. Select the right shelving

Shelves are more than just for storing your books. It influences the aesthetics of your home library, aside from its functionality. You need to pick the right shelving to consider the books you’re storing, to complement the entire look of your library, and to make sure that it’s sturdy enough. Here are some shelving tips:

  • The longer shelf you have, the thicker it needs to be to so that your books are stored safely and securely.
  • Pick the right height – floor to ceiling, hip height, or others.
  • Decide between wall-mounting or free-standing shelves. You can check on clever ways to store more with wall shelves, as well.
  1. Don’t forget comfortable seating

A home library isn’t complete without a comfortable seating. Your seats should be comfortable enough for you to lounge around, but not too snug that you’d want to nap soon as you get cozy. Make sure that your seats are conducive for reading and adding in a blanket and a pillow for winter nights is a great idea. Comfortable seating is usually cushioned, or a leather armchair will do. Rugs and bean bags can be provided to give a more playful but relaxed look too.

Your home library can turn out to be your favorite part of your home when you’re able to build it to be comfortable and with a touch of personality. Maximize your space, pick a quiet spot, set the right mood and lighting, keep it tidy and organized, have cushioned seating, and you’ll surely enjoy your cozy home library.