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It the modern house designs, it is difficult to live without a carpet under your feet. It does not only add warmth and luxurious feeling, but it is part of the modern interior designs that individuals are incorporating to spruce their homes. Carpets have proven to be good for children to play and they also reduce the chances of injuries when one falls on the floor. It is common knowledge that carpets require maintenance as they quickly get dirty and can be stained by most of the products you regularly use in your house such as tea, coffee, and fruit juice among others. Despite the increasing costs, it would be difficult to replace the carpet with another floor decoration material that provides comfort and sound absorption.

There are so many carpet designs that are there in the stores for individuals to consider. Sometimes you can get lost between materials, designs, colors, and upfront cost among others. Sometimes you don’t have sufficient funds to spend on your carpet of choice. In other instances, you don’t want a carpet that fades within a short period and leaves you with no other option but to buy a new one. Selecting the best carpet can be tedious and time-consuming. However, we have assembled these seven tips to help you choose a good carpet pattern for your interior decorations.

  1. Select the Perfect Padding

Just like a stone house needs a solid foundation, your carpet needs padding as well. You might opt to leave out carpet padding so that you can save some few dollars. The problem is that you will start noticing incidences of wear and tear some few weeks after buying your carpet. To avoid this problem, make sure that you purchase a carpet with a layer of padding material so that you can enable your carpet to support itself and to have extra cushioning. Padding materials have other benefits such as absorbing sound, which prevents neighbor noise while at the same time concealing sub-floor imperfections.

  1. Consider Various Carpet Styles

Various carpet styles are available in the market for consideration. Some of these carpet styles include frieze, Berber, textured, Saxony, and plush among others. The style of the carpet is depicted on what you can see on the surface. It is important to record that style has anything to do with the look of the carpet. However, that should not be an essential consideration when selecting the best style. Instead, you should make sure that the style you choose meshes with your personal style, tastes, and preferences. Industrial leading experts, Carpestology, recommend that style should only be considered in areas with low traffic such as master bedrooms.

  1. Understand Maintenance Requirements

Many people have ended up buying a carpet because it is attractive and has a luxurious style only for them to find it difficult to maintain it. Mats cost high upfront costs, which means that you should be cautious about the maintenance requirements so that you don’t end up paying much money in the long term. You should consider a carpet that fits into your budget when maintenance is concerned. Considering stain resistant carpets could be the best solution, especially if you have young children and pets in your house. Stain resistant carpets will not only cut the cleaning costs but will also spare you much time because they don’t need regular cleaning.

  1. Consider Carpets with Warranties

Everything expensive must have a warranty to cover for unexpected wear and tear and another malfunctioning. When you are buying a carpet, you are making a considerable investment in the appearance of your interiors. Therefore, you should consider buying from companies that provide reliable and lengthy warranties. You should make sure that you understand the terms of the warranty before making the purchase decision. You should make sure that you purchase a carpet that has guarantees in stains, overall appearance, wear and tear, and even crushing warranties. The warranty period should also be long enough such as five years and above.

  1. Color and Patterns

It is no doubt that color and patterns of the carpet play a significant role in its selection. Most people have their preferred colors and patterns. Many buyers are interested in colors and pattern themes that will enhance the overall appearance and theme of the house. It is essential to make sure that colors used encourage positive mood while at the same time creating the tone that you want to dominate your home. Some colors such as greens and cool blues are known to provide a peaceful setting and creating calm. You should also try to make sure that there is no huge contrast between wall and curtain colors as this could lose the overall intention of the color mix.

  1. Treat Stairs Carefully

You don’t want the carpet to cover the floor area and leave your stairs uncovered. However, the mat used in covering stairs should be durable enough because of the frequent movements up and down the stairs. Due to the increased movements, stair carpets get a lot of wear and tear. The carpet also needs to be curved at the edges, which could provide points of weakness and cause gradual wear and tear. To avoid these problems, you need to purchase and install a durable carpet that can withstand increased movement. For stairs, you need to consider a carpet that has a higher density so that it can withstand the wear and tear forces for a longer period.

  1. Go Green

If you have ever been around a new carpet or other building materials, you understand the new smell. It is not a pleasant smell, and it can add to poor indoor air quality, which could, in extreme cases, lead to health problems. Other carpet smells have been known to be significant contributors to allergies and asthma problems. You need to protect your family by choosing carpets that have been made from environmentally friendly materials such as wool, sisal, and other organic materials. You can also reduce the destruction of the environment by considering carpets made of recycled materials.