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Bathrooms are a perfect place to retreat from the world. A bathroom is the ideal space that lets people escape from the stresses and strains of their daily lives. Today’s designers have come up with amazing ways to take any bathroom from basic to fabulous. Designers are playing with every area of the bathroom. In the process, they are rethinking the space and transforming it. Those in search of Brisbane bathroom Renovations Unique Design can follow in their lead. Innovation, color, technology and warmth are very much in evidence in modern bathroom decoration ideas. Those who love these concepts can expect to see them everywhere in the coming design year.

Art Deco Inspiration

Art Deco style is all about embracing color, shape and movement while letting go of one’s preconceptions. The wonderful style was popular at the turn of the last century and it is popular again today. Contemporary designers are increasingly bringing Art Deco style to all areas of the home including the bathroom. The use of strong geometric shapes that is a hallmark of this style works very well with the modern concept of the bathroom as a place that should be interesting. Designers are using mirrors in unexpected place to help bring in natural light and make the space sparkle. Metallic finishes along surfaces such the handles to cabinets and even the cabinets themselves are a true expression of this classic design view. The same is true of softly gilded taps and tubs and sinks with a deeply rounded edge.

Asymmetrical Style

Asymmetry is an easy way to create a sense of interest in any room in the home. Designers are having fun with this concept and increasingly using it in the bathroom to impressive effect. This is a great way to break up a long wall of white paint or an otherwise bland and featureless space. Using large mirrored tiles against one wall and other bringing in accessories with interesting shapes that mimic the shapes seen in nature adds something unexpected to any bathroom. Hang something unique in the room such as a picture frame full of family photographs and create a fascinating focal point. Create a collage of different patterns in the room with varied types of design elements such as a lamp juxtaposed against a chair in an equally arresting and unique style.

Bold Color

Color is another easy statement that today’s designers are embracing. Take a small bathroom and make it shine with interesting, colorful accessories and walls. Painting all the walls in a single color makes the room come alive with much needed color. Intense shades of vivid orange and green help bring any bathroom something entirely unique. Darker shades are being paired with contrasting colors such as neutrals to add a unified look.

Take inspiration from the contemporary use of bold colors. Shades like lime green, fire engine red, canary yellow, and teal are an easy way to make any bathroom stand out. It’s not necessary to paint the entire room such shades. Instead, use the color on a single wall in the room. Keep the rest of the room in neutral shades that add a sense of rest.

Open Storage

Today’s modern homeowners are looking for storage options that makes sense in their busy lives. They want easy storage with quick access. There’s no need to keep every item in the bathroom. Many commonly used items such as certain medications and pain killers are also best stored elsewhere such as the kitchen because the bathroom can be very humid and moisture can get into the container. Open storage offer the kind of minimal look that many people appreciate. This is an excellent way to keep it to the essentials. Items like towels, bathrobes and simple cosmetics can be kept in easy reach all day long while the rest of the room remains equally organized.

Technological Innovations

Technology is now an integral part of any home. The same is true for the bathroom. Designers are taking their cues from high end hotels. Items like built-in LED lights that allow people to find their way around even late at night are beautiful and functional. Motion detecting faucets help preserve water and make it easy for people to wash their hands in a quick motion even when they are carrying other items. Touchscreens allow users to do several things in the room with ease such as regulating the bathroom to a precise temperature they like best. Other items like heated towel racks bring in additional luxury.

Vanities Next to the Window

The traditional vanity is usually placed against one wall. Modern designers are rethinking this arrangement and working to improve it for their clients. Placing the vanity against a window or series of bathroom windows is one way to enhance a lovely view and show off it off every time someone uses the bathroom. Designers are placing many types of seating such as a love seat and overstuffed chair right next to the vanity to allow people even easier relaxation. They’re using mirrors against the opposite wall. This helps bring in natural light that is reflected from surface to surface and adds even more light to the entire room.

Warm Wood

Woods is a natural material full of beauty and varied colors. Wonderful woods of all kinds are coming into their own in the contemporary bathroom. Wood is being used everywhere in today’s bathrooms. Wood tiles are as good a flooring choice as many other common types of bathroom flooring such as marble and standard tile. Wood is also being seen in other areas. People are using it as wainscoting to create pattern and interesting texture. Wood shutters offer privacy and style at the same time. Wood storage makes it easy to add custom cabinets. Modern design systems make it easier than ever to bring moisture from the room and keep the wood in the room in tiptop shape.