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Home is where the heart is. Well, that’s how the saying goes at least. But we like to say that home is where the trendy colors are. Having exciting and trending color paints in your home is a sure fire way to love where you’re at, whether your residence is old or new. Fresh paint and new colors can have an immense effect on energy and psychological well being. So with no further ado, below are seven different trending colors for you to consider using for that paint job you’ve been holding off on.

7 Trending Colors

The trendy colors of 2019 are generally earthy. With more and more people looking to nature to soothe the soul, it is no surprise that the earthy colors are running the scene.

  1. Mushroom

Mushroom is a beautiful fusion of beige or brown and light gray. The light gray lightens the saturated browns and beige shades. The color is very soothing because of its lightness and evoking of natural woodlands with the beige and brown shading. It is also inviting and relaxing. The gray in the color mushroom also produces a level of sophistication. Well suited for common spaces and study spaces, this color would do well in a bedroom or powder room as well.

  1. Hazelnut

Hazelnut is a warm and inviting color. Hazelnut is a great color for your home because it projects various shades when exposed to light. This is helpful in creating the illusion of being in a larger space. This is relaxing on the mind and can help to stimulate creativity. Hazelnut would perform well in living spaces and kitchens; and really any room that takes a lot of light

  1. Forest Green

Forest green is a color that brings nature and its healing powers directly into your home. Green is a naturally appealing color for humans because of its botanical ties. Green is one of the strongest natural colors. Forest green is also a very rich color, stimulating intellectual curiosity and having deep emotional appeal. Forest green is an ideal color for an office space or a study in your home. Also, because of its deep, rich nature, the color does well in bedrooms.

  1. Coral

Coral is the color to use for instilling vibrant energy into a room. The color inspires creativity and boosts the energy of any space. In addition to being vibrant, and therefore stimulating, the color is fun. It brings a splash of life to the earth-toned list of trendy colors. The color is great for bedrooms that are well lit, for powder rooms, and for open living spaces. Because of the bright nature of coral, it is better suited for well lit rooms and open spaced rooms, as this color in a confined area can be overwhelming.

  1. Light Blues

Light blues, such as gray-blues or a powder blue, are phenomenal hues for the home. The colors touch on hints of classic interior design. The color is soothing to the eye and creates a calming atmosphere for the room. Blue is a naturally appealing color for people. It invokes the nature of bodies of water and the ensuing psychological soothing. This color is very universal in application. The light blues are perfect for dining rooms donning antique and victorian design. Light blue will also do just fine in your bedroom or powder rooms. This color is a soothing, semi-neutral tone that will not dominate a space, but rather open it up.

  1. Deep Lavender/Twilight Purple

In the age of technology and the smart nature of household objects, new interior colors are beginning to rear their heads. Deep Lavender/Twilight Purple is a great color to compliment all of those neon colors being emitted by our homes’ tech. This shade of purple evokes intellectual stimulation and relaxation. The lavender shades of purple are great for reducing stress and because of this they are great colors for common living spaces. They also perform great in bedrooms. With the tech age among us and here to stay, embracing this deep, intriguing shade of purple will sew together your living space seamlessly.

  1. Deep Rust

A deep rust color creates an earthy space. Its deep saturation makes it cozy, warming color for rooms. It also hints at southwest inspiration and the rustic scene. This color is also intellectually stimulating and emotionally evoking. For these reasons, the color is well suited for office spaces or study spaces in your home. Deep rust is also a great color for a decorative dining room as well as bedrooms. This color creates a cozy, comfortable atmosphere and so can be used wherever you need a warming room.


The colors occupying the list are mostly earth tones. Coral is the lone wolf on the list, being the only vibrant color. The light blues and deep lavender also hint at nature and evoke the relaxation that is psychologically presented by nature.

The trendy colors in 2019 very much represent our desire as a society to harmonize with nature. The healing effects they can bring to our hectic lives is essential to a peaceful home. The increasing speed at which society moves at this point calls for more attention on relaxation and stress reduction in the home. That is why the light hued colors and earth tones dominate this list. For help with your home’s design, visit https://www.qcoasthomes.com.au/. So what are you waiting for? Pick some colors and transform that space of yours!