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For most people, having a beautiful home is one of our main desires, but when it comes to renovating our house, we tend to give priority to the kitchen and the bathrooms, even though the living room is usually the first room of the house that guests will see.

Decorating can be pricey, and this is why it is not easy to achieve a luxurious looking home, with little money. But not to worry, here are some handy tips and tricks on how you can make your home look amazing, while staying well within your budget.

Less is more

In other words, minimalism. Small details, a tiny plant, some nicely hung frames, a historic item or a beautiful mirror can make major changes in your home. The smaller details are softer on the eye and make an overall “expensive” impression. They keep the room from looking cluttered and over-filled. The fewer things we have lying around, cluttering the room, the more the small details will stand out and shine.

Light and Space

Luxury home

Fancy homes are always greatly lit, and seem to be huge. Most likely they aren’t as big as they seem, and it just looks that way due to the adequate decoration. A big mirror on a main wall can make the room look much more spacious, and also adds additional brightness to the room, as it will reflect the incoming light. Light colours on the wall will also make a room look bigger.

Get colourful

A beautiful combination of colours will quickly give your home a whole new look. A great idea to add some colour to a room is by painting one, or two walls of the area. By painting only the main, biggest wall of a vibrant or relaxing colour, whichever you personally prefer, you will allow the space to remain bright and full of light, due to the other lighter walls, but it will add a lovely, uplifting and personal touch to the living room. Also, painting just one or two walls is much cheaper than painting an entire area.

Adding some plants and some flowers to the room will give it life, and will also add some natural colours to the space. Plants are also great to fill empty looking corners. Simply get a shoulder high plant, place it in a nice pot, and there you have a beautiful solution for that dull empty corner. Floor lamps are also another great way to add light and fill dead space in the room.

Hide your TV

If this is an option, you should definitely do this. A hidden TV instantly makes a living room look more elegant. Did you know there are special kinds of mirrors that will disguise your TV? However, these can turn out to be rather expensive, depending on what your budget is.

Nevertheless, there are many different ways to “hide” your television and make your living room look more sophisticated. One of them is by creating a gallery wall, or some other kind of wall art around the TV. A great way to do this is by hanging nice frames, photographs or paintings on the wall behind the TV. This won’t make it entirely disappear, but it will surely blend the TV in with the other wall art, making it not stand out as much as it usually would, while even adding a exclusive and elegant look to it.


Textiles are very important when decorating our living room. They can give the entire room a personal look, and there are so many possibilities! Beautiful cushions of different antique or vintage looking textile, spread out on the sofa, tend to look gorgeous, and give it a very fancy touch. A fine rug is also a great option. The remarkable fabric can give the entire space a very personal, unique touch, making it look welcoming, warm and very elegant.

Let’s mix it up!

Another great thing to do is to work with textures, by mixing different kind of textures in one and the same room. This will also add a personal touch and will add an overall luxurious feeling to it. You can mix all kinds of textures, such as wood, metal or glass. You can even add some additional textiles if you like, such as velvet or leather, to give it an extra touch of charm.

The bigger, the better

Big wall-art can quickly turn a dull-looking living room into a stunning, chic-looking area. By hanging over-sized paintings, photography and other big pieces of art, we can quickly create an amazing eye-catcher that is guaranteed to wow your future guests. For only a few bucks, you can often come by a great piece of art on flea markets, thrift shops and second-hand antique shops.

Or even better, why not get creative and make your own beautiful piece of art? You could surprise yourself with your inner hidden artist, and even if you’re the furthest from artistic, colourful lines on a massive canvas never fail to impress the crowd.