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Most parents’ busy lifestyles prevent them from taking the time to bring their little ones to the community playground or park for some much-needed fun and exercise.

Thankfully, there are provisions these days that allow families to have their own playground right in the convenience and safety of their residential property.

Those with a big yard definitely have an advantage because their outdoor space holds all sorts of possibilities for kiddie fun. And when it comes to turning it into a really great playground for the children, there are numerous approaches they can take.

Listed below are seven ways you can turn your own backyard into a playground for your children and their friends to use:

1. Install turf

Not all yards are covered with thick grass, and if yours is all-pavement, consider installing grass.

Grass will make your outdoor space not only more inviting but also much safer for the little ones to play on because it serves as a natural carpet and cushion.

Plus, most children like to lie down on the grass to watch the clouds as they exchange stories — a good alternate activity to running around and playing games.

2. Install multi playsets

Your backyard can become a hub of endless fun when there are playsets around.

For example, a manor playset is actually several playsets in one. It has a double fort with a ladder access, a slide, a pair of swings, a monkey bar and mini ball hoop. Children can use it for a variety of activities; plus, more children can play at the same time.

3. Bring in a sandpit

A sandpit is a versatile feature for playgrounds.

Here, children have fun building things. Also, sand is a creative medium for fun and imagination.

The little ones can turn it into anything they want to it be – a mud pie, a house, a little village, and other things.

A great sandpit to invest in is this product called the Bondi Sandpit. It includes a shade for the kids, and then you can cover the sandpit when it is not in use to keep it clean

4. Invest in play accessories

These are small implements for your yard that the children can use to hone their motor skills and also use their imagination.

Rope ladders, binoculars, chalkboards, and others can transform your yard into a pirate ship or some other magical place for the kids.

5. Add tables and chairs

Outdoor furniture such as tables and chairs create the perfect setting for an imaginary or actual tea party for the young ones.

They can take out their tea party set and dress in their costumes for an afternoon of fun (and cheeky) exchanges and the practice of princess or princely etiquette.

Having tables and seats also makes it easier for guardians to keep watch over the children, especially during play dates.

6. Plant flowers

Adding natural things of beauty to your yard will not only make the playground fun for the children but also a place for learning.

Flowers are always fascinating for children, and they present the perfect opportunity for basic science lessons to enrich young people’s creativity.

7. Install safety and security features

A playground always has implements to keep children safe from themselves and even from intruders. Adequate lighting, cushioning, and covers can protect the functional outdoor space.

Lights are important to make sure that there are no hiding intruders taking refuge inside the playsets (especially those cubbies or mini-houses).

Padded cushions are essential for preventing painful bumps which are the common risks of playtime.

Covers, meanwhile, will protect play equipment from the elements and will help maintain their quality for a long time.

Fun times at home

Turning your backyard into a playground shouldn’t be too hard with these tips.

Implement them, and your children will get a lot of fun from just staying at home until they are old enough to try new and different kinds of fun activities on their own.